From overcoming fear with Housejoy's Saran to the man behind Social - your weekend fix


Housejoy CEO and angel investor Saran Chatterjee talks about his greatest fears, and his happiest moments. Saran went from having a fear of heights to graduating at the top of his class at his rock climbing club. The perfect dose of inspiration on a lazy Sunday morning.

Saran shares his biggest fear and moments of happiness

Restaurateur Riyaaz Amlani is famous for his uncanny ability to provide a one-of-its-kind experience in the world of hospitality. And if you thought having your fingers in too many pies was a bad idea, Riyaaz, who is CEO & MD of the company behind the Social chain of restaurants, proves you can do do it all as he tosses up fresh ideas off the wok to keep Indian palates happy!

Riyaaz says people love simple, authentic food now-a-days

Want to get in control of your life? Start by getting in control of your day. It might sound boring, but a daily schedule works wonders! It puts you in control and helps you bring order and diligence to your day the previous evening itself.

In Sri Lanka, it’s not just the sights that enthrall you. The food is delicious, the people are warm and friendly and you do not need to stick to the itinerary your travel agent gives you. It is also less crowded which means you don’t have to jostle with hundreds of other tourists at any place. Each journey throws up many possibilities to discover something new, whether it’s a turtle farm on the coastal road or a food-stop for fresh yoghurt with honey, slices of pink jackfruit, rambutan and the other fruits of the season.

Sri Lanka offers pristine beaches and unparalleled experiences

Seema Agrawal, co-founder and Design Head of Artisan Saga, speaks about handlooms, Paithani sarees, weavers and her love for indigenous textiles. If the kaleidoscopic colours of the Paithani sarees are not fascinating enough, she says, then the hand-woven beauty of the weaves makes it the queen of heirlooms.

A lot of patience, talent and teamwork goes into each Paithani

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