Thought Leaders Podcast - Episode 1: Cloud and Digital Transformation


Digital transformation can bridge the gap between what consumers expect and what an organization actually offers. And cloud is, without a doubt, the key pillar in the digital technology ecosystem. It offers the speed and scale essential for faster execution and improved performance management, enabling the organization to focus on transformation and making informed strategic decisions.

In this episode, Vibhor Mathur, Director of Technology, Sapient Consulting shares his thoughts on leveraging cloud technology and digital transformation. He sheds light on the main drivers behind digital transformation and where Indian organizations stand in this journey.

Is there a whopping difference between in-house servers and cloud technology? Is cloud infrastructure more cost-effective? When is the right time for businesses to move into the cloud?

Vibhor addresses these questions and explains the power of cloud in driving sales, the increase in migration to cloud, and why businesses shouldn’t wait any longer to make the move.

Cloud technology has put a lot of companies on cloud nine, and they’re not far from a heavenly experience in the near future. It’s imperative for organizations to understand the importance of cloud as an enabler of transformation. Migrating today will save companies a lot of trouble and redundant costs in the future.

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