Extramarks makes ‘fundas’ clear and learning easy, engaging and stress-free


“It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education,” Albert Einstein once famously said.

For years, we have had widespread discussions and debates around the glaring gaps in the formal education system, which as Nobel Laureate Einstein observed, is infamous for its inability to effectively engage students’ attention.

Then came the internet, which brought with it a more connected world. Soon, we had edtech startups, which leveraged technology, believed to be one of the greatest levellers of our time, to address at least some of these challenges.

From supplementing classroom-based education with interactive, personalised, and creative content, to literally breaking down barriers such as distance and connectivity, edtech startups have transformed the way students and teachers engage in the learning process.

One such company that has been making innovative inroads in this space is Extramarks. “Since 2009, Extramarks has been working to make education accessible, uniform, personalised and student-centric for all segments of learners, including pre-schoolers, K-12 students and competitive exam aspirants. In fact, Extramarks is the only edtech provider in India that caters to all subjects across boards for K-12 students”, says Atul Kulshrestha, Chairman & Managing Director, Extramarks.

Making learning fun, more engaging and less complex

At present, Extramarks caters to over 9 million students across India, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE and South Africa. In India itself, Extramarks has partnered with 8,000 schools that are benefitting from its Total Learning solution. With a view to expand its reach even more, and bring more students under its umbrella, the company is kicking off a unique campaign, which focusses on the Extramarks pedagogy of demystifying complex concepts. The Extramarks belief is simple – if you understand it, there is no need to memorise it.

Through the ‘Extramarks Hai Toh Funda Clear Hai’ campaign, they want to build awareness around how their solutions and educational tools simplify the learning process and make it much more engaging for all age groups. More importantly, this campaign also addresses the burden that education systems have always carried: of scoring more even if the learner has not understood the fundamental concepts of the subject.

“Extramarks experts spend a considerable amount of time developing innovative learning content, which makes even the most complex concept easy to understand. This is achieved through a combination of visual aids and great storyboarding. In Extramarks’ lessons, all topics, whether they are from Physics, Maths, or History – come alive in front of students and make a permanent impression on them, completely eliminating the need for rote learning. Our latest campaign gives voice to this thought,” says the company’s Chairman and MD.

Today, Extramarks has a committed team of 2,500+ experts working to create the best technology integrated and child-friendly learning solutions. That their vision is achieving success can be gauged by the fact that their Learning App has already crossed 2.5 million downloads in a span of a mere six months since its launch.

What sets Extramarks apart and gives it an edge when it comes to ‘making fundas clear’ are the following features:

  • A well-structured pedagogy: Extramarks has a proven pedagogy, which follows the ‘Learn, Practice and Test’ methodology. This ensures that a student can enjoy learning the concepts, even if these are tough. Once they get a thorough understanding of the subject, they are given ample practice on the topics in the form of Adaptive Tests, eventually becoming exam-ready without too much stress.
  • Interactive, integrated rich visual content: There’s 2D and 3D content aplenty across all subjects, which is enough to engage any student. Consider this: a student who can actually see a 3D-rendering of the heart pumping blood, or trace for themselves the trajectory of an object, gets a better understanding on these topics than they would if they were to simply see static images and read about it in a book. Extramarks uses cutting-edge tech tools integrated with easy-to-relate concepts, and the students can virtually experience whatever they are learning, thereby getting a better grasp of the topics.
  • Hierarchical learning based on students’ age: The approach at Extramarks is to explain lessons in a manner that moves from simple for younger students to a more complex level of understanding for senior students. “All our solutions are age- and grade-sensitive. We have a comprehensive understanding of how to engage students at different levels. For instance, we use a more game-based pedagogy for junior students at the pre-school and primary levels. So the content is more colourful, musical, and fun for younger learners. For students at a higher level, we follow hierarchical and layered pedagogy, making our learning solutions smarter and individual-user friendly,” says Atul.
  • Tech tools to simplify and personalise lessons: AI and data analysis are gaining ground in the edtech sector, and are acting as great enablers for a more personalised form of learning. At Extramarks, with the help of analytics, the learner’s study patterns are mapped over time, which helps to predictively guide the student, ensuring that the lessons are commensurate with the leaner’s abilities. So, if the learner’s patterns indicate that he or she is not prepared enough, the system will prompt them to learn or revise again. On the other hand, if it emerges that the student is well-prepared for that level, the system will prompt them to take a higher degree of evaluation.
  • Using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Extramarks is planning to introduce a Virtual Reality segment, which can make lessons comes alive. For instance, instead of just reading up about history, the learners will have the option to ‘walk through’ ancient cities and ‘see’ the kind of life that earlier civilisations lived.

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