‘If you worship the elephant god, respect the environment too’ – Sapna Dube, artrepreneur


This Bengaluru artist-entrepreneur has held two solo exhibitions, titled ‘Technicolour Dreams’ and ‘Ele as God.’

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Sapna Dube is an artist-entrepreneur who grew up in a time of transition from Bangalore to Bengaluru, from Garden City to IT City (and Traffic Capital!). She is an art blogger, painter, printmaker, and muralist.

“I am a self-taught artist, and learnt from my mother, who herself is an artist and studied from SS Kukke, co-founder of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat,” said Sapna, in a chat with YourStory.

Her works have been exhibited at Venkattapa Gallery, Galerie Sara Arakal, Goethe Institute, and Taj West End Art Corridor, as well as Whitefield Art Collective, Arts-Science Festival and InOrbit Mall. The art works are priced from Rs 11,000 to Rs 20,000.

Sapna also won an award for ‘The Best Arts & Theatre Blog’ at the Indian Blogger Awards 2017, and is founder of the startup ‘Laboratory Of Creativity’ (LoC). Her other interests include art therapy and Sudoku.

Sapna’s art works have questioned social definitions and pressures on being ‘beautiful.’ She cites the words of Nikita Gill: “Be your definition of amazing.” The world needs more kindness, honesty, wit, art, and fun, she explains.

Quirky humour also reflects some of her own fears, such as the fear of eating alone or of being watched in public. Everything is temporary in life, and there is no point in regrets, sadness or hate. “It’s empowering to know that everything is temporary,” she writes in her blog, which reveals influences from Nietzsche, Almodovar and Jung.

As seen in this photo essay on 'Ele as God,' her art works are characterised by bright colours, hypnotic designs and contemporary themes. “If you worship the elephant god, respect elephants and the environment too,” says Sapna.

She has been working for over two years on her current exhibition timed for the Lord Ganesha festivities. The paintings are titled Mouserider, Benevolent One, Cosmos, Lord of Fortune, First Among All, Pathmaker, Patron of the Arts, Listener, Trunk, Single Tusk, and even Mr. Big.

Sapna left the world of corporate communications in 2012, and plunged fulltime into being a professional artist. She worked for four years for her first exhibition, titled Technicolour Dreams.

Just as not all startup founders have an MBA, she feels self-taught artists can also fare well by being less self-critical and not bound by strict rules and norms. “Share the joy of art and creation, it offers you inspiration beyond job and family,” she advises audiences. Artists are culture-makers, history-tellers, and more.

“Creativity is about having new perspectives and channeling energy into new forms and styles. It is about going beyond the restrictions around us, which many of us may not even be aware of,” Sapna explains.

Future plans for Sapna include launching creativity kits for children, boosting creativity education for kids and adults via a combination of online and offline platforms, and launch a “living museum” and “travelling museum” of entrepreneurs. “India needs more critical thinkers, problem solvers and responsive designers,” she urges.

Sapna’s overseas travels have been insightful as well. “I am very impressed with Beijing's 798 Arts District. Chinese are super-creative, and many Indian artists are exhibiting there as well,” she says.

Success for artists is finding their own path. “You need to be more proactive, go out to promote and pitch yourself, and ask to be involved and included. Keep reflecting, introspecting and up-skilling. Live the contemporary life and connect your work to current realities and trends,” Sapna signs off, as tips for aspiring artists.

Now what you have done today to reinterpret the world around you and find that sweet spot for your creative voice?

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