Google CEO Sundar Pichai all set to re-enter China market with a tailor-made search engine


Google CEO Sundar Pichai says it is important to re-enter China by providing more relevant search queries though he did not provide a time frame for the launch.

Google will continue with its plan of launching a tailor-made search engine for China, which would also mean that the company will now have to comply with the country's strict internet laws.

Announcing this at the Wired Technology conference in San Francisco, Google CEO Sundar Pichai defended the decision to re-enter China as it aligned with company’s mission of providing information to world's most populous nation. According to him, Google would be able to meet online requirements of the public even while complying with the laws of the Chinese government.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Codenamed 'Dragonfly', Google has been internally testing its China project since last year. The search engine is built to blacklist websites and censor search terms that are banned in the country.

In 2010, Google had withdrawn its search engine from China to protest against the government’s censorship and attempts to hack into Gmail accounts of the country's human rights activists.

In addition, the internet giant also faced backlash from its own employees who wanted to work according to the company’s values.

“We are always balancing a set of values, and providing users access to information, freedom of expression, user privacy, but we also follow the rule of law in every country,” Pichai is reported to have said earlier.


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