Here’s why a startup needs cloud telephony services


Every startup needs to be in touch with its customers to succeed. Technology can help startups succeed not only by allowing them to serve customers in innovative ways but also help them by answering queries effectively and in a timely manner.

Feeling the pulse of an industry is essential to the success of a company as is keeping customers satisfied. A cloud telephony system allows startups to feel an industries pulse, and to also serve their customers well because it is a technology that uses virtual or cloud-hosted numbers and does not demand additional infrastructure. The ease of installing a cloud telephony system allows a startup to receive quick feedback from customers and gauge the pulse of their industry.

What are the other advantages of a cloud telephony system?

Zero Infrastructure Costs

Many successful startups were conceived to disrupt an existing business model. Because startups are disruptive by nature, it is imperative for them to find ways to incorporate a disruptive model in their daily functioning. This means saying goodbye to traditional PBX/EPABX infrastructure and replacing it with cloud telephony services. Often, a traditional phone system can be hugely inconvenient if and when a start-up decides to relocate to a different office or if such a system fails and demands the operators help to become functional again. Not only does cloud telephony not demand the installation of additional infrastructure, but any maintenance or troubleshooting issues that it faces can be solved extremely rapidly. This ensures that startups face near zero downtime in interacting with customers and in resolving their queries.

Ease of Customer Interaction

Start-ups that use cloud telephony can receive multiple calls in parallel as well as analyse and record such calls to better monitor the performance of the customer support team. Cloud telephony also allows startups to efficiently route calls and track time taken for each call. The that takes calls can also be better coached to answer queries, and competent agents can be promoted. Suitable action can be also taken against poorly performing customer support agents. Analysis of customer’s calls using cloud telephony makes such actions possible.

Cloud Telephony Assures Call Privacy

Many customers today associate a phone number with a certain business or company. This can result in unscrupulous individuals using a number that customers are familiar with and impersonate a trusted company by making fictitious calls. However, cloud telephony enables a startup to mask its number and prevents individuals from emulating a fictitious call.

Startups Can Pay Attention to Core Business

A startup needs to channel its efforts into its core business. Hence, allocating valuable financial resources and employees to help interact with customers can be distracting. Cloud telephony will not only help serve customers better but will do so at a fraction of the cost of a more traditional medium.

Connect Multiple Office Locations

An advantage of the single virtual number created by cloud telephony is that it allows multiple offices separated by large distances to remain connected. Often, such a number can become associated with the startup’s brand and in turn, perform a role in brand building. Additionally, cloud telephony also allows a startup to create a unified communications strategy that has now evolved beyond a simple telephone number and website, encapsulating social media, chatbots and CRM systems. Cloud telephony complements other communication channels by seamlessly connecting a business across the globe and allowing the creation of a broader communication narrative to the world.

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