India’s Emerging 100: A report on startups shaping India’s digital economy by YourStory with Akamai


With close to 40,000 startups in India, the country's startup game is on point and many young entrepreneurs are on the run to showcase their disruptive ideas to the world. The startup ecosystem is filled with euphoric highs and lows, but thanks to affordable and accessible technology, entrepreneurs now have more opportunities to scale their innovations and positively impact industries.

YourStory, together with Akamai features many such new-age startups who are instruments of positive change in sectors like healthcare, tech for impact, travel, deeptech, consumer internet and more. Leveraging Internet and cutting-edge technology, these next-generation innovators are showing gravity-defying momentum and solving quintessential Indian problems. The India Emerging 100 Report will feature startups in the country who are seizing opportunities in their journey to growth and taking centre stage in the innovation ecosystem.

The ecosystem has already seen euphoric highs and crushing lows and is all the more mature for it. While there is no way to predict which of these could be the next Flipkart or Paytm, we do believe that these companies provide much-needed solutions and innovative products. They also have tremendous potential for growth and could well be trailblazers in the years to come.

This report, which lists the India Emerging 100, is unique in its ability to identify these startups that have potential to grow and become benchmark companies in each sector.

Download the report HERE.


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