‘If you love something, it can’t cause you stress’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys


From labour to love, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! 

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People who work at startups work as hard as the founders of startups. - Jyoti Bansal, AppDynamics

Quality and timely work serves well to attract more customers. - Binayak Tripathy, Compuprint

If you streamline the processes, you can scale faster. - Kunaal Kumar, Modern Bazaar

Product adoption is a more difficult problem to solve than making the product itself. - Ashish Gaurav, ArchSaber

Your obligation as an entrepreneur is to build a great product that will continue to keep end users happy and satisfied. - Ashish Hemrajani, BookMyShow

Startups need to have clarity while pitching and must realise that it is not about the money. - Mukul Agarwal, BootUp Ventures

Complete co-creation is an adventure calling for openness, curiosity, overcoming fear, and letting go of the need to control. - Stefanie Jansen and Maarten Pieters, TheCreators

It’s a great feeling when a brand that resonates with oneself gets appreciation not just from customers, but also from its investors who have backed the brand since its creation. - Virat Kohli

The world is drowning in brands. - Jaimin Kapadia, Zealous Systems

Entrepreneurship isn’t always about running behind billion-dollar valuations. There is a huge opportunity in rural entrepreneurship. - Winny Patro, AP Innovation Society

India has such an amazingly colourful culture of storytelling. - Marianne Rugard Jarvstart, MageQuill

Retail in India has missed a chance in advancing innovation in tech and launching ecommerce. - Devangshu Datta, Third Eyesight

Even if big box retail and e-commerce find a way to be profitable, kiranas will dominate the consumption market with a share in excess of 80 per cent. - Arvind Mediratta, METRO Cash & Carry

There’s over 300 million mobile households and almost twice that in mobile subscription, so there’s a huge market. - Reed Hastings, Netflix

Data is the new oil. Just like a lot of industries flourished around oil, bringing data back to India will do the same. - Vivek Belgavi, PwC India

It’s great to see the new generation of designers are inspired by local textiles and crafts. - Narendra Kumar, Amazon Fashion, India

People usually discuss the game after the match. But these discussions are without any data. - Abhishek Desai, CricHeroes

The problem is that there are several million surveillance cameras. But all of them are ‘blind’; they record data and are good for post-mortem analysis. - Ranjith Parakkal, Uncanny Vision

The leisure market is growing at an express pace in India. - Sankalp Agarwal, TravelTriangle

Using nudges and cognitive science to enhance performance is a very unique concept in the context of enterprises. - Naganand Doraswamy, IdeaSpring Capital

The same content that runs on television cannot resonate with the digital audience. Digital medium demands creativity and not mediocrity. - Sanghamitra Khatu, Tribal Box

The unit economics for hyperlocal delivery is very tight, the burn becomes high if there is no leash. - Ujjwal Chaudhry, RedSeer Consulting

People are not going to do a digital search for the best type of cookie or biscuit, as opposed to purchasing a car. - Aarti Iyer, Unibic India

Email is something every knowledge worker in the world users, but it was never built to solve the problems that they try to solve with it. - Niraj Ranjan Rout, Hiver

The Valley is a unique ecosystem where there is a confluence of tech, capital, networks, and there is an acceptance of capital. - Vijay N Menon, TiE

Indonesia is one of the top choices for both global and Indian travelers. - Ritesh Agarwal, OYO

In order to be more effective and enter the mainstream, blockchain technology needs the intervention of government bodies, regulatory authorities and corporates. - Tina Singh, Chairperson, Mahindra Finance

Technology is pervasive and it was only a matter of time for the security at gated communities to be transformed using smart and intelligent solutions. - Vijay Arisetty, myGate

The key to building a blockbuster voice-app is to make the workflow more intuitive, preempt the conversation deviations and handle errors as humanely as possible. - Ilanchezhian Ganesamurthy, EVRY India

Voice has been emerging as the preferred mode of use for new internet users. - Rajan Anandan, Google

Sixty percent of the waste that ends up in landfills is organic bio waste. - Pramod Bhurji, DeWaste Environment Solutions

There are over 200 temples in Kanpur, and the total waste was more than four tonnes a day. - Karan Rastogi, HelpUsGreen

The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe about us, the less taste we shall have for destruction. - Rachel Carson

Bees help in pollination, which helps trees give more produce. - Josephine Arokiya Mary, Vibis Natural Bee Farming

Milk has served as an integral part of our growth as individuals. It is imperative that we let this nutritious drink retain its purity. - Prateek Gupta, SNA Milk

The digital divide and the literacy gap are making marginal and small farmers vulnerable. - Aarnav Aggarwal, UjjBhav

Let us build an organic world together. - Pawan Kumar Chamling, Sikkim Chief Minister

When we take time out of our busy schedule to help out a person struggling in a wheelchair at a railway station, that’s when we know we’re getting closer to equality. - Kalyani Khona, Inclov

While external boundaries are always defined, it’s about whether you internalise those boundaries or think beyond. - Mukta Sharma, IIM-B

Reskilling will not only show how passionate you are about your field but will also boost the professional development section of your resume. - Neha Bagaria, JobsForHer

Talent alone will not take you everywhere. You need a bit of luck as well. You also need to be at the right place at the right time. - Priyamani

Mental models, although difficult to follow, have a potential to change our minds. - Marcus Ranney

It only takes one voice, at the right pitch, to start an avalanche. - Dianna Hardy

Go for it – if it’s an obstacle it means you’re nearly there! - Vanitaa Bhatia, DIVAlicious

If you love something, it can’t cause you stress. - Divyank Turakhia, Media.net

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