[Monday Wrap] From a Zomato for real estate agents to funeral management services: your startup fix to start the week


Is buying your dream home turning out to be a nightmare? Take heart! This Zomato for real estate agents can help you make the right choice. Founded by Mohit and Nidhi B Sancheti, Kolkata-based Monest reviews and rates real estate agents to bring transparency to the online property market.

Mohit and Nidhi B Sancheti, the Co-founders of Monest.

Let’s face it: test prep classes can be a little boring and tedious. But with a unique online mentoring model, Goa-based Topmytest aims to stand out in the test prep market. Founded by Sucharita Banerjee and Vivek Sankaran, the platform leverages technology to connect mentors and learners on a “self-learning” model.

Vivek Sankaran and Sucharita Banarjee

Wouldn't it be great to have an online network that connects startups with VCs and influencers? Nikitha Shiv's Mana Network cuts through the noise with quality data and an indispensable network. This is a digital network where VCs, startups, agencies, influencers and experts help each other to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Nikitha Shiv, the Founder of Mana Network

This Ahmedabad-based startup wants to lend a helping hand to the bereaved. Founded by Abhijeet Singh and Bilva Desai Singh, both management professors, Mokshshil offers funeral management services, from cremation to ceremonies and events following the death of a person.

The Mokshshil team offers funeral management services.

If Fyle-ling expenses was as easy as liking a post on Facebook, no employee would ever put off this task. Bengaluru-based expenses management startup Fyle, which was launched by Yashwanth Madhususan and Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan, offers an easy expense management solution for organisations and individuals.

Team Fyle believes filing expenses is a data problem, not a workflow problem.

Diagnosed with a deadly disease, this founder built an edtech platform to connect teachers and parents. Chakrapani Appalabattula, who believes that every student 'Bloomz' at a different pace, started his Seattle-based startup to help track, document, and improve children’s academic performance.

The Bloomz team; Chakrapani Appalabattula is seated on the left.

IT and continuous learning go hand in hand, making it imperative for companies to invest in their employees’ knowledge expansion by providing reskilling and upskilling options. With Tech30 company Hizen’s product, Fitbots, companies can effectively measure their investment in employee upskilling.

Vidya Santhanam, the Co-founder of Hizen, speaks at TechSparks 2018.

So what is it? Is edtech an online or offline play for India beyond the metros? This Testbook has answers. Founded by Ashutosh Kumar and Narendra Agrawal, Testbook is offering training to help aspirants crack the most popular competitive exams in India.

The Testbook team says 1.24 billion questions have been attempted on its website.

Long time no see, but when they did after 15 years, Utsav Mathur and Sahil Ahuja decided to launch VR-AR startup GMETRI in two days. The Bengaluru-based VR/AR/MR platform offers an authoring, deployment, and analytics toolkit that lets enterprises formulate, create, and deploy immersive solutions.

Utsav Mathur, the Co-founder of GMETRI.

If you multitask, shouldn't the things you own do that as well? That’s Mumbai-based Soulfit’s USP. The Sonic health band does the usual - it functions as an inbuilt blood pressure monitor, step counter, heart rate monitor, phone tracker, and sleep monitor – and also doubles up as a Bluetooth earpiece to take calls on the move and listen to music.

Ishwar Kumhar, Co-founder, Soulfit, envisaged the fitness tracker as a multifunctional, all-day wearable.

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