The MSME ministry's push to make India's small businesses and artisans big again


The Central government has rolled out numerous growth initiatives for the micro, small and medium enterprises through new policies and support systems.

India is all about small enterprises that reside in its many cities, small towns and villages. And the government wants to help such entrepreneurs continue with their startup journey by providing a platform with a special support structure.

Ram Mohan Mishra, Additional Secretary to the Government of India and Development Commissioner for the Ministry of MSME in conversation with YourStory's Dipti Nair 

On the first day of YourStory's flagship tech conference Techsparks 2018, Ram Mohan Mishra, Additional Secretary to the Government of India and Development Commissioner for the Ministry of MSME, reiterated the government's plan to co-invest in micro, small and medium enterprises.

Mishra remarked that centuries ago India was known across the world for its art-based enterprises through the export of its products, but the segment declined with the entry of mechanisation. “Art-based industry is still alive in India and we would like to revive them,” he says.

As part of its plan to give a boost to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the government has come out with various schemes. Among them is Udyam Sathi and Udyam Sakhi, with the latter being devoted to women entrepreneurs.

“Entrepreneurs need motivation so that their dream does not die. We will hand hold a lot of companies,” Mishra added.

Among the various initiatives taken by the government to boost MSMEs is the creation of India Enterprise Portal, which functions as a knowledge portal to provide information on FAQs and best practices.

Mishra also said that the government plans to provide a helpline for the owners of the small enterprises to discuss their various challenges with successful entrepreneurs.

The government is looking at ways to engage with CSR labs as well, so that some of the MSMEs' technological innovations could be commercialised.

Mishra pointed out the government's plan to set up enterprise centres to create greater awareness on the potential MSMEs hold. These centres are in the pilot stage in a few locations but plans are in place to scale them across the country.


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