The 9 reasons entrepreneurs should try doodling while at work


Doodling, the habit of scribbling or drawing on the side while working on something serious, helps you focus and enhances efficiency and creativity.

Remember, when as children, we used to all have that last page of every notebook dedicated to rough work? Or that class that used to turn boring towards the end, leading you to scribble on the margins?

I personally had all my notebooks covered with sketches or italics I did whiling away time in classes. Every time the teacher saw my notebook, I would get a long stern stare. As I grew up the habit faded somewhere in the midst of competition. It’s only when I started working passionately again on my venture did the habit return. That old habit of mine (well, of many others too) is officially called “doodling” today. And, it is actually an extremely helpful habit.

Technically, doodling means the “innate habit of scribbling on the edges or drawing something on free space while one is working on something serious, on the side”. It is not a distraction as suggested by science but a blessing for it helps you focus and improves your efficiency and creativity.

Solopreneurs will agree on how monotonous life become after a point of time. We keep working on our content, team management, and what not. I have realised that doodling has helped me stay sane amid the chaos (check this sketch note about exactly this) that is our life. It is only after further research online did I realise that it does much more than just keep me sane as a solopreneur.

Here are the 9 ways doodling can help solopreneurs:

Doodling or visual imagery has a direct link to our memory.

We all know the importance of visual aids for memorising things. Doodling or fidgeting as a habit while working on a serious project keeps you going and alert. There are usually points where the brain wants to shut down completely. But doodling helps it stay alert; it works as a slight distraction or new outlet. You stay on the project without losing complete interest. It can help you to continue with critical thinking, strategy planning, and more.

Doodling can work as a stress-buster

Doodling means scribbling something without thinking and letting go of your innermost thoughts in a very personal way. It could be a certain misplaced word, a particular shape or a specific drawing. For example, my present doodle is about raindrops in multiple colors. Upon further introspection, only I understand I am reminiscing about a certain rainy day with my family. It’s probably about time I call all my cousins back home! As doodles are a very natural way of expressing your feelings, we tend to reveal more than we imagine we have buried within us.

Doodling helps you concentrate and stay focused on your project

We are all used to taking small breaks at work. Some breaks, while intended to be short, extend beyond limits. We end up regretting the break at the end. Doodling has kept me occupied at my work desk for hours. Each time I feel I am being overdrawn into a project, I just end up scribbling something on the side. It also gives me the time to re-think the plans I made while I am doodling. I have been more focused on my projects since I started doodling again.

Doodling enhances your communication skills.

Do you remember a situation when you would ask the vendor something and the vendor did something else? You would end up irritated. It has happened with everyone. Try to doodle draw your requirements and see the difference in your communication.

Doodling adds emotion to your communication.

While working for your clients, you would be asked to give feedback /review/testimonial to your clients. Try drawing what you want to say and see what your client says after that. Even the simplest doodle adds a lot of emotion to what you are communicating. Okay, try this…try not to see the doodled sketch note below this point and read the whole article. Now try to check the sketch note. Did you see the difference?

Doodling makes you feel more productive and confident.

Not all lines in our daily lives connect to each other, do they? It could be a personal or a professional issue bothering us, one where the dots don’t connect. This gives us a sense of incompleteness. Doodling helps connect lines and make sense of the image you have in mind. The visual aid of lines meeting at the end or a certain section coordinating makes you feel content and satisfied. You feel more efficient and subsequently more confident in your ventures.

Doodling makes you stay grounded in your present ventures.

My fellow doodler friends would say doodling is that sweet spot we all have been craving. At any given moment, good or bad, we neither want to be too wary nor too accepting of it. We want to be in that sweet spot of neutrality, where we are connected to yet not very affected by the crisis. Doodling gives you the power to stay connected to something while still being a little withdrawn from the scenario.

Doodling works as a great way to showcase creative thinking.

Life has some good days and some not-so-good days. I have seen that I tend to make more complete doodles on the former days. While doodling, we tend to reflect on everything happening in our lives. Chances are, you feel the artistic bug work more relentlessly.

Doodling can help you formulate new ideas.

I have personally had some of my brightest ideas while I was happily doodling my plans. It somehow tends to complete the circle on some days.

All these benefits apart, I would say doodling has also helped me maintain my sanity. For it’s always better to vent out emotions on paper and not at a human.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)