How to create the ‘right’ narrative for your startup: Shradha Sharma on Building It Up with Bertelsmann


Opinionated, entrepreneurial and a great storyteller, Shradha Sharma, Founder & CEO of YourStory Media believes that content marketing is the most effective strategy for entrepreneurs today to create the ‘right’ narrative for their startups, and to build deep-rooted long-term relationships with their consumers.

With the rise of the streaming culture and the massive diversification in content consumption platforms, the way users view content has changed over the years. With various formats taking over, and technology becoming the core medium of distribution, the challenge lies in staying differentiated and producing meaningful content. Therefore, the larger question here is, how does one ‘compete for eyeballs’ and also establish a ‘deep personal relationship’ with customers?

When it comes to storytelling, she believes that as part of growing up in an Indian society, we have never been encouraged to tell our own stories which ‘reflect on the businesses we do and professions that we take on’. Unless media dig deep with the right contexts, we do not realise how we have been creating something phenomenal over the years. Therefore, says Shradha, “For me, ordinary and story don't go together because every story can be as extraordinary as we choose to see, and the role of communication should be the ability to go behind and see that story.”

In this episode of Building It Up With Bertelsmann, find out from the expert, on how the definition of content is evolving in India, factors that help chronicle the best stories for startups and of course, how content marketing can be used as a weapon to build brands.

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