No more road kills: how this photo exhibition helped activists rally for wildlife conservation


Wildlife photography is more than a hobby or passion – it can help rally movements around powerful causes like environmental conservation, as this exhibition shows.

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The Bangkok Art Biennale focuses not just on contemporary and traditional art, but also social and environmental awareness (see Part I and Part II of our photo essay). Environmental activists have been rallying to prevent highways from being built through wildlife parks in India (Bandipur) as well as in Thailand.

Called ‘Save the World, Save Wildlife,’ an environmental group organised a panel discussion at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) to petition the government to prevent highway construction through national parks. Held during the Bangkok Biennale, the event also featured an eye-opening photography exhibition titled 'No More Road Kills.'

The pictures, some of which are showcased in this photo essay, speak for themselves, and shine the light on wildlife that needs protection from rampant urbanisation and roadway development.

Highways through parks not only disturb the peace of wild animals, but also end up killing animals through rash or negligent driving. Can such human-animal conflict be reduced, if not eliminated? These photographers and activists certainly hope so.

Now what have you done today to go beyond your work or hobby, and do your bit to preserve our fragile environment?

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