10 days of art, installations, creativity: check out these exhibits at Bengaluru's India Design Forum


India Design Forum's Bengaluru ByDesign 2018 features a conference, workshops and exhibitions in Bengaluru this week, as showcased in this photo essay.

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Day One of the Bengaluru ByDesign 2018 conference featured 12 speakers from India, Australia, France, Switzerland, Poland and the US. See our first conference article here, and the d-Zen section for more insights on design and creativity.

In addition to the conference track, the design festival features an exhibition at UB City with the 20+18 Chair Project (featuring 38 novel designs), and a Polish pajaki chandelier made in Indian style with fresh flowers.

The stairway exhibit Stop and Stair depicts birds flying towards the sky; the birds are made of paper prepared from cotton fibre. VU Technologies has an exhibit aptly titled Different Point of View, with a giant TV screen serving as a dining table. Asian Paints has a video installation called Tales of Indigo, about the story behind the indigo dye.

The JD International Design School has a display of clothing made from recycled scrap and even tea-bags. One of the dresses has seeds woven into it, which will sprout when the clothes are discarded.

There are also art exhibits at Town Hall (based on handwoven fabric), St. Mark's Circle (arches with green cover), VR Bengaluru (Makers’ Market), and Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology (contemporary Japanese posters). In this photo essay, we showcase some of the conference highlights and UB City exhibits.

Now, what have you done today to appreciate the beauty and importance of design, and do your bit to create a better and sustainable space around us?

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