Scaling a culturally-sound startup; beyond foosball tables & swanky interiors: Prasenjit Bhattacharya on Building It Up with Bertelsmann


We hear a lot about great company cultures, but most of the time we talk about the wrong reasons that make them great. Yes, it is cool to talk about swings at Google or free employee lunches at Facebook, but these things are not what defines a great place to work, believes the guest in this episode of Building It Up with Bertelsmann.

“Culture is really about the environment we create that allows employees achieve their personal vision and leads to sustainable business results,” says Prasenjit Bhattacharya, co-founder, and CEO of Great Place To Work India.

Prasenjit, whose firm collaborates with over 600 organizations in India annually to assess workplace cultures and recognize the best workplaces across the country, talks in detail about the importance of defining a company’s DNA to scale-up, and the founder’s role in building this culture.

At a time when startup founders spend most of their time in hiring the right talent and bringing tangible comforts, what they miss is to create core values that guarantee long-term success for both the employees and the organization, believes Bhattacharya.

“The real growth begins when the culture takes over even when the founder or a CEO isn’t around. In a great place to work the culture becomes the CEO.” says Bhattacharya

He also shares some key factors that a CEO must look at when building his/her company’s DNA, and the key difference between a good and a great place to work, in this episode of Building It Up with Bertelsmann.

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