Smart Devices creating a ‘New World’ for the Millennials


Did anyone in the 1900s think a device could track your total activity, calculate the energy consumed and guide you through your day’s routine? Or that you could control a home device with just a few clicks on your smartphone 20 years ago? Did anyone dream of humans interacting with a machine to get their work done a century ago? No and no. , The evolution span of human civilisation has been thousands of years long and the wonders brought by the last century were far from anyone’s dreams even a decade ago. Technology gave rise to the Internet of Technology (IoT) and the smart devices paired with the latest technology and advanced features have created a ‘New Digital World’ for millennials.

IoT evolving into SMART technology

GUI shaped computer tech in the 70s. Later, in the 90s, the internet changed the world completely. With the internet in action, technology evolved at its fastest pace ever. Looking back, one can see how IoT has influenced human life and how it has reformed itself as SMART technology by enabling billions of devices to connect to the cloud and exchange data. From healthcare to construction, transportation to entertainment, power generation to security, and households to agriculture, SMART technology has brought drastic changes to human life.

Decades ago, people were habituated living with limited resources, and technology was only for the rich. With the advent of technological innovations, the dawn of digital age brought along automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today, the new millennials have become habitual of SMART technology all around and life has become much simpler, with complex functions managed by technology itself.

Offerings of the New World for the New Generation

A number of international research firms gather that over 25 million smart devices will be present by 2020. Some tech leaders have also proclaimed that the smart tech industry will cross a total worth of USD 15 trillion by then. We will just have to wait for smart technologies to make lives easier and give the ultimate experience. What comes next in the market from the segment of smart technologies will clear the clouds of doubts about its growth.

 SMART Life, SMART Tech, SMART generation and SMART world

Right from a wristwatch to home automation, an automatic sensory irrigation system to robotic surgery, and personalized music system to an advanced computer, all the SMART devices are deployed to serve humans in the best possible way. New millennials are largely dependent on technology for almost every bit of life from fitness to entertainment and work to study.

The new world of SMART technology has embraced the human race and globalisation and technological advancements are helping in getting it to a higher level. Although SMART tech will surely aid lives in coming future, it is not yet known how soon it will happen or exactly how much will change.

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