Tesla owners will soon be able to summon their cars “across the continent”, says Elon Musk


Forget walking across the parking lot or even trying to remember where you parked your car. Elon Musk promises that Tesla cars will follow their owners like a pet.

Elon Musk just dropped another gigantic Tesla news bomb! The electric car manufacturer introduced a cool new “summon” feature to its Tesla cars, allowing car owners to have their vehicles drive to their phone’s location – on their own. However, this was available only for short distances.

But, that’s about to change. The Tesla Chairman revealed, on his favourite platform Twitter, that in just a matter of years, Tesla owners will be able to “summon” their cars “across the continent”. Talk about your car following you like a pet, for real.

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“You can summon your Tesla from your phone. Only short distances today, but in a few years summon will work from across the continent,” Musk tweeted out on Wednesday. No sooner had he dropped the news, his 23.5 million followers bombarded the tweet with a slew of replies and questions.

“Imagine the day when you can order your Tesla and it will just drive itself to your house from the factory,” wrote one user.

As another user cheekily added, “Great...now I gotta watch out for people driving with their phones. It was bad enough when they talked on them while driving!”

If you think the introduction of the savvy new Tesla features end with “summon”, you might want to recheck Musk’s latest tweets. “Super fun software Easter eggs coming to all Tesla S/3/X cars before the holidays!” shared the serial tech entrepreneur.

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Although we are not sure what he meant by “Romance mode, toilet humor & more video games (sic)” – some other additions from the Tesla boss.

For the uninitiated, this “summon” feature has been in the news for some time now. On November 1, news first broke about Tesla rolling out the feature as an over-the-air update.

It was supposed to be compatible with all the cars manufactured by the company in the past two years, even including the Tesla Model 3. While all these new additions look snazzy and attractive just like the many other futuristic promises, Tesla is setting the stage for a juggling act between safety and “fun” features.

Our News Editor had a different question - “Will it do its own registration?” Only time will tell.