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As an intern with the International Bar Association in 2005, Naiyya Saggi saw judges receiving training for the trial of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Today, she runs a platform for new parents, Babychakra that is the go to place for new parents. There’s more - she has studied at the National Law School, Bangalore, and went to Harvard Business School on a JN Tata and Fulbright scholarship. Here's a look at the other side of the multi-faceted Naiyya.

Naiyya Saggi - Founder of Baby Chakra

So far we have covered five building blocks of the business model. Today, we will talk of the sixth - perhaps the one that is absolutely the foundation of your business - monetisation. What does monetisation mean? Very simply put, it is the way in which you can make your business make money. I always say this, there are ten building blocks of your business model, but if you crack what is my product, who is my customer, what is my value proposition to my customer and how will I make money, you’ve cracked the code of building a sustainable and profitable business. The rest of the building blocks are just a matter of housekeeping.

What does monetisation mean?

Do you know that the human attention span is dipping? Our ability for analysis, critical thinking, imagination, and reflection has plummeted too. Why should we overcome our addiction to our electronic screens? Here are a set of solutions on how to move from multi-tasking to single-tasking to improve our lives.

How can be overcome our addiction to screens?

Bruce Lee Mani, Co-founder Taaqademy, is also founding member and front man of what is arguably one of India’s most respected rock bands - Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ). As the lyricist and songwriter for TAAQ, his work has led to the band being lauded as the most prolific band in Indian Rock. Taaqademy is Bangalore’s premier space to learn, create, record and play music. The academy is a hub for changing the music scene in Bangalore by creating talent that will change the music perception amongst the people of Bangalore. The collaboration between Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA) and Taaqademy brings experts together to increase the passion for music. Here are his answers to our Proust questionnaire.

Bruce Lee Mani, Co-founder Taaqademy

Thirtha Uttapa, founder Samaara Jewellery spent ten years working with MNCs before she decided to follow the passion of her heart. She enrolled for a jewellery design course in JD Institute of Fashion Technology and once she graduated, she began creating customised jewellery for clients in gold, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones. She also holds workshops on jewellery, where clients can learn about the quality of diamonds, gold caratage, the difference in making charge and wastage, the purity of gold and much more. As the festive months approach, Thirtha speaks to YSWeekender on how to upgrade your jewellery wardrobe for the season, her new collection, her entrepreneurship journey and more.

Deciding on the perfect Diwali menu is challenging. That’s because this is the time to burn resolutions, not carbs or fat, and to indulge in rich, delicious tasty food that would cause the knotted and combined dreadlocks of your personal trainer to stand up in quills like the fretful porcupine. Choosing the ideal menu is difficult if you are hosting family and friends and the dieter to gourmand ratio is seriously disproportionate. Mega fights have broken out over menu choices and Aunty Meena and Uncle Manjunath had to be taken to separate nursing homes. Wondering what to cook during the festive season. Our columnist offers some suggestions from his Diwali notes acquired from a lifetime of dedicated enjoyment of great cuisine.

Deciding the ideal Diwali menu


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