Here are the 4 deep tech startups that won $1M investment from GSF Accelerator


As part of the sixth iteration of GSF’s accelerator programme, the selected startups were mentored by top entrepreneurs, and will visit Japan and China in addition to the Silicon Valley.

India’s leading accelerator GSF Accelerator has confirmed investment of $1 million in seed funding in four deep tech startups. The investment was made as part of the sixth batch of GSF’s startup accelerator programme. The group, known for its focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, has so far funded 50 startups.

“This programme is our 6th iteration and it’s different in a few respects,” Rajesh Sawhney, Founder, GSF Accelerator told YourStory. “We are investing a bigger amount in a company than before. We are also taking the companies to China for one week in addition to the San Francisco and Tokyo visits.”

Interestingly, all the four companies chosen for the programme by GSF this year delve into the field of deep tech. Their focus ranges from manufacturing tech to vernacular content marketplace, AI-driven sales analytics and deep learning legal and fintech. All the four startups also happen to be at the seed stage and boast innovative solutions with paying customers.

Here are the chosen four startups:

Chizel: One of GSF’s chosen startups, Chizel is a cloud-based platform that employs self-learning AI algorithms to offer convenient ways to manufacture engineering components.

Khabri: This is a fast-growing digital platform serving vernacular audio content. Its mobile app even allows users to create channels and programmes to reach vernacular listeners all across the world.

Slintel: The third startup from the programme, Slintel is technographics-powered discovery and AI-driven recommendation platform, which helps companies improve their sales conversion rates. It does so by making calculated predictions about the next customer of the concerned company.

Vaultedge: AI-based platform Vaultedge is the final one in the list, and it helps banks and BPOs perform loan underwriting and contract abstraction in real time.

Explaining the focus on deep tech-specific startups, Sawhney says, “We believe that Indian tech is fast evolving. The cycle of ecommerce and delivery companies has played out. The next generation of startups will have deep tech orientation.”

In the past, GSF has tried multi-city and multi-country formats in its accelerator programmes, and this time was no different. As part of the sixth batch, the selected startups were mentored by top founders, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs in Bengaluru before being taken for an immersion programme in the Silicon Valley. This visit will be followed by trips to Japan and China in the beginning of next year.

“The Chinese ecosystem is the no. 1 in the world,” Sawhney explains. “It offers deep learning and collaboration potential to Indian startups. Chinese and Japanese investors are also open to investing in Indian startups.”

Apart from the chosen four deep tech companies, GSF has funded and successfully honed a number of startups in the past. Its portfolio includes names such as Little Eye Labs, Pokkt, Silverpush, Dailyrounds, Docsapp, Browntape, HackerEarth and more.