From Qtrove's Vinamra Pandiya's trekking adventures to exploring the future of drones - your weekend fix!


What do you do for fun? Meet Qtrove’s Co-Founder Vinamra Pandiya, who calls himself ‘a chemical engineer by profession, a software coder by chance and entrepreneur by choice’. He spends his weekends between skydiving, paragliding and trekking - whenever he can find a small window of time.

How to optimise your profits?

It is the final column of Buddha in Business, and Nandini Vaidyanathan and Janaki Rajagopalan are discussing Profit and Loss! The tenth building block, they talk about costs, which unlike revenue, kick in literally from Day 1. How can you optimise your profits?

Time to learn from failures!

Most of us love talking about our successful moments, but our failures are buried deep within our hearts. But times are changing as more and more people find that facing failure is the first step we can take to achieving a lifetime of success. It is time to think about how we failed and what we can learn from it.

What is entrepreneur Karthik Shankar's greatest fear?

From sales and marketing to being an entrepreneur, Karthik Shankar co-founded Rever Hospitalities that owns Sotally Tober, a popular Bengaluru pub. See his answers to our Proust questionnaire where he talks about his greatest fears, loves, strengths and regrets.

Tuck into multiple plates - at one place

How would you like to spend a weekend tucking into a bowl of fried chicken bao or a platter of lamb kebab without restaurant hopping? Here’s The Crazy Food Festival with a variety of cuisines, chefs, edible merchandise and entertainment - all under one roof. Mumbai, brace yourselves!

The real Game of Drones

Are you intrigued by drones? What about the future of drones? Recently, Bengaluru hosted ‘The ‘Game of Drones’, an interactive session, which brought the drone communities in India and Switzerland. Together, they discussed the future of drone technology. And what will determine the future of drones – regulations, technology or education?

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