Healthtech startup Vantage Health raise $50 M from IQGEN Holdings


Mumbai- based Vantage Health plans to use the funds to support its operations and technology development.

Healthtech startup Vantage Health has raised $50 million from Cayman Islands-based fund IQGEN Holdings LCC. The Mumbai-based startup plans to use the funds to support its operations and technology development.

Founder of Vantage Health, Aman Iqbal told media that the Vantage Health team is on a mission to automate and standardise primary healthcare followed by secondary healthcare or hospitals.


According to media sources, the four-month-old Vantage Health collects and processes diagnostic samples using saliva, and sometimes blood, to collect genetic, microbiome and epigenetic data from users on a regular basis.

The startup’s flagship product DocAI software does pattern analysis to advise users and rank them as 'healthy', 'at-risk' and 'high-risk' to prescribe medicines or supplements as well as fitness and wellness regimes. The firm would also prescribe specialist care appointments for high-risk patients. The analytics on user health would also help Vantage Health advise hospitals and doctors to better prepare for interventions and quick remedial action.

According to Steve Cormick, an investor in IQGEN, India is sitting on a health data gold mine that can be leveraged to standardise healthcare and to make it affordable to all.

Incorporated in 2014, IQGEN is a healthcare investment and advisory firm founded by Aman Iqbal himself. Last year, in May, IQGEN had launched a $25-million-worth maiden healthcare-focussed fund Vantage to invest in India, and some Asian countries, said media reports.

The fund aims to invest anywhere between $1 million and $5 million, particularly in pre-Series A and Series A rounds of companies in the fields of biopharma, healthtech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning among others.

Aman said that with Vantage, IQGEN aims to establish itself as the one-stop shop for healthcare in India and Asia.


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