Using your friend's Netflix account to binge on TV shows? This new AI tool may soon end that


This AI-led solution that can change the way you share your Netflix account, was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show, and Europe’s leading Sky Media has already made an investment in the startup. 

While Netflix has been trying to increase its footprint in India, it is still a premium service for most Indian viewers with subscription plans ranging between Rs 500 and Rs 800. The one USP - it allows users to stream content on multiple devices, depending upon the plan. But, this may soon prove to be a bane for the company.

With most users sharing their login credentials between friends and family, Netflix and various other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Hotstar are faced with the challenge of plugging the profit leaks. But, this may soon become a thing of the past if a new AI-led solution comes into play.

Unveiled recently at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019, Las Vegas, the artificial intelligence software comes courtesy of a UK-based startup called Synamedia. At the heart of this service, called ‘Credential Sharing Insight’, is the principle of machine learning, which basically spots the locations where the streaming service account is being accessed. The collated data will then be provided to the service provider who can subsequently use the information to warn the account holders in case their subscription is being overused.

Along with location, the company claimed, the AI tool will also be able to collect data on time of streaming and specific content that is being streamed.

As soon as this service was introduced by Synamedia during the electronics show, Sky media, Europe’s top entertainment company, invested their money in this startup, reports claim. If other players in this sector including the leading OTT service providers choose to follow suit and implement the AI tool, it may soon mean major restrictions for all those users who are still borrowing their friend’s Netflix password.