From respect and recognition to great economic opportunities: what women want to change for women in 2019


As we step into a new year, women from different walks of life share the changes that they would like to see for womankind in 2019.

As we step into another year with joy, exuberance, and excitement, we carry forward some challenges and issues that women continue to face. The New Year is an opportunity to identify and acknowledge some of the challenges women face and how to address – and hopefully overcome - them this year.

HerStory reached out to women of different age groups and across different sectors to find out what they feel are the challenges women face and the changes they would like to see in 2019.

Kritansha Arora, 27, Author 

Kritansha is the author of the book, Kintsukuroi, Mend it to beautify it, which is about embracing one's flaws and finding happiness. She is currently working on her second novel.

One major challenge women face today: Recognition and respect.

The change she wants to see in 2019: “Women are capable of standing on their own feet and working on what they desire. They possess an inherent humility and let their work speak on their behalf. I wish that they start getting appropriate recognition for the work they do. Be it, professional women or homemakers, we, as a society, must give them due respect and recognition for their hard work. This is a key aspect our society lacks and needs to work towards.

“To highlight this I would like to point out a recent event. A panel of eminent individuals from the Hindi film industry met the Prime Minister to discuss the future of the entertainment industry. While the female contribution to the industry has been as critical as that of men, the panel did not have even one female member. It is sad to see such things happening in 2018.”

Payal Gupta, 39, Chef and food stylist

Payal gives food a glamorous makeover and makes it drool worthy for the camera.

One major challenge women face today: Harassment

The change she wants to see in 2019: I would love to see more economically empowering opportunities for women, especially post motherhood.

Shambhavi Mishra, 31, Blogger

With over a decade of experience in creating content in the fashion and beauty industry, Shambhavi is a fashion and beauty blogger and runs Talk Sassy where she shares her expert advice. One major challenge women face today: Patriarchy

The change she wants to see in 2019: “Women standing up for themselves. I see so many women leaving their successful careers and taking a backseat the moment they get married or they have kids. The entire thought process of the ‘lady of the house’ is senseless. Unless and until women make noise and tell the world that their career is just as important as the men’s, nothing will change. Stand up for yourself and do not give up on your choices to please others. Everyone is born equal but it can only come true if you genuinely believe it and follow it to the tee.”

L-R: Rina Barreto Shankar, Kritansha Arora, Payal Gupta, Shambhavi Mishra and Roohi Merchant

Rina Barreto Shankar, 44, Entrepreneur

Rina empowers brands with powerful design and communication strategy.

One major challenge women face today: Freedom of spirit.

The change she wants to see in 2019: “Change starts from the perception of self. If women can become mentally and emotionally stronger, confident, and free-spirited, they will truly thrive.”

Roohi Merchant, 33, Fitness expert 

A fitness expert and sports nutritionist at I Think Fitness, Roohi transforms people’s life by “bringing their mind and body in sync with each other”.

One major challenge women face today: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

The change she wants to see in 2019: “Today’s woman is digitally well aware and continuously evolving. A change I would like to see in the coming year is for them to be aware of the benefits of good eating habits and a balanced diet. A well-balanced diet will take you away from any lifestyle disorder or from any hormonal changes that may lead to ailments. Adequate knowledge of eating habits and awareness will go a long way in evading mental and physical damage. I would like to see women treat their body in the finest way possible, starting this year.”

From harassment to lack of recognition and patriarchy, the challenges women face are many. The big question is how do we change things? What can we do this year to address these issues at an individual level?

Tell us what you feel. How are you tackling some of these challenges? Also, what is the one challenge you feel women face and what is the one thing you would want to see change for women in 2019?


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