Future of Spaces: a YourStory initiative to recognise the movers and shapers building the spaces for tomorrow


YourStory is bringing to you the most important conversation for today’s India, the Future of Spaces.

As entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, CXOs, corporate executives, or students, we are all breathing, sleeping, living, working, dreaming, succeeding and failing in our spaces. Increasingly, the boundaries between home and work, and between personal and public spaces are getting blurred in our always-connected digital world.

Happy spaces offer comfort, security, and a happy and healthy environment. As interconnected and collaborated structures, they are environment-friendly too.

What it's all about

What’s the look of this new space and what are the conversations happening here? How do they define us and all that we do and talk about? Who are the people who are driving the new paradigms of our spaces?

We are bringing together the shapers and makers of these ever-evolving spaces.

In a driven and connected world, it is imperative that our spaces are comfortable, happy and positive, allowing us to be who we are.

The Future of Spaces event is all about:

  1. Dialogue on how to envision the Future of Spaces, make it truly ours.
  2. Bring all the players under one roof
  3. Recognise and reward the movers and shakers who are leading in these sectors.

Why you should attend

If you are a retail developer, designer, architect, or policymaker then Future of Spaces is for you. From traditional players such as industry bodies like CREDAI, real estate developers, to providers of co-working and co-living solutions, as well as ancillary companies providing cement, steel, electricals and paints, the event is for all the industry movers and shakers.

Other building blocks of these happy spaces include technology players who are providing smart home automation solutions that make our spaces future-ready, and connected to renewable energy companies and waste management solution providers that help us to live responsibly.

The Future of Spaces is about the four walls and beyond but also what lies within the four walls: the colours, the elements that make our happy spaces cosy and comfortable and help give it a character.

From individuals like designers, architects, influencers, and urban planners, to policymakers, psychologists and the players of the rental and sharing economy.

And as we look at the Future of Spaces, we explore new developments too, especially concepts that make our environment happy and future ready.

The Future of Spaces Awards

Spread across 8 categories and 5 segments, the Future of Spaces Awards will recognise and felicitate organisations and individuals who are working towards creating spaces that are future-ready, environment-friendly, innovative, and speak to each of us. The Awards will be finalised through a nomination process, with applications vetted by industry experts. Click here to apply.

Join us and let's build and experience happy spaces together!

Click here to attend.