Brands of India 2019: From Charkha to Chandrayaan, celebrating home-grown brands making India proud

At YourStory's Brands of India Awards, a nationwide campaign to recognise homegrown brands, Giriraj Singh, Minister of State for MSMEs, says Indian MSMEs are the "job creators" of India and urges them to go global.

Giriraj Singh, Union Minister of State for MSMEs, and Shradha Sharma, Founder and CEO of YourStory, with the recipients of the Brands of India 2019 Awards

“If MSMEs can build parts for Chandrayaan, why can't we do it for everyone around the world?" asked Giriraj Singh, Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), when addressing YourStory’s Brands of India Awards, a nationwide campaign in association with the Ministry of MSME to recognise brands making in India.

At YourStory's first edition of the Brands of India Awards, held in New Delhi earlier today, 41 home-grown brands from across the country were recognised for transforming themselves through business and technology innovations, and steering themselves on the path to becoming billion dollar companies.

From helping put together Chandrayaan, India’s first mission to the moon, to enabling innovative companies to go global, India’s MSMEs have earned the brand name 'Charkhe se Chandrayaan,' says the minister.

Giriraj Singh said the government's focus is in not only promoting MSMEs but also enabling entrepreneurship in India through its various initiatives focused on the MSME space.

Indian MSMEs: 'jobs creators' of India

Speaking to a packed auditorium, Giriraj Singh regaled the audience with inspiring stories of entrepreneurs from different nooks and corners of the country, including that of a lady in Maharashtra who, even without a financial or business background, is today handling businesses churning out more than Rs 1,000 crore in turnover.

In his candid keynote address, Minister Giriraj Singh said that if farmers are the food providers in the country, MSMEs are the job creators.

“We want micro, medium and small industries entrepreneurs to become a profitable brand on a global scale, maintain cost and quality and provide employment. This sector is to become the economic backbone of India. Our goal now is to create employment,” he said.

According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of MSMEs with MDI Gurgaon, National Small Industries Corporation, and industry body India SME Forum, each MSME unit, on an average, employs about seven people, the Minister said.

The MSME department further deciphered that based on the data of MSMEs registered on the GST tax network alone, MSMEs in India employ over seven crore people.

Celebrating Brands of India

From Chai Point to DreamHunt to Thalappakatti, the 41 home-grown brands that received the Brands of India Awards had a common theme: they were all making in India, with a presence in or an eye on the global market.

"We follow other countries for their innovations and brands. But now the time has come to change that, where we celebrate brands of India,” YourStory Founder and CEO Shradha Sharma said, adding that “Doosron ki jai se pehle khud ki jai karein (appreciate yourself before appreciating others)”.

She further told the audience of entrepreneurs who had come from different parts of India:

“What is a brand? A brand is you, me or a product or service that differentiates us. Have the confidence to dream big and build from India for the world. Let's build a globally recognised brand."

Still, brands should never compromise on quality when building a global product, said Arun Kumar Panda, Secretary, Ministry of MSME. “If you want to add value then you have to add something special,” he said.

He added that advertising and branding come with innovation, and by blending technology, innovation, social media, ecosystem, an entrepreneur can go miles ahead.

Adding to it, Ram Mohan Mishra, Additional Secretary and Development Commissioner for the Ministry of MSME, said that honesty and genuine warmth are a part of the Indian culture, and as such, nobody can stop an Indian MSME brand from shining if it offers products and services with honesty and dedication.

Shradha Sharma, along with Minister Giriraj Singh, Arun Kumar Panda, and Ram Mohan Mishra, also released a book of 100 inspiring stories of MSMEs and Indian brands.

Brands of India Awardees

YourStory received over 2,500 applications from across the country in various categories, including manufacturing, retail, agri business, advertising, consumer brands, auto ancillary, education, healthcare, F&B, services, social enterprise, and technology business among others. Of these, 41 brands were chosen as winners after a rigorous selection process by a panel of jurors.

These 41 winners are:

  1. Krishi Jagran from Delhi, which is a pioneer agricultural magazine printed in 12 languages and has the largest circulation in the nation with more than 10 million readers.
  2. Vertoz Advertising Limited from Maharashtra. It offers Programmatic Advertising to help brands reach the right audience.
  3. Nature Organic, from Delhi, which focuses on promoting ethical, sustainable and planet friendly farming practices and produce.
  4. Messina Beej from Delhi. Over the last forty years it has earned farmers’ trust with its sought-after products.
  5. Ramnarayan Blue Art Potteries, which works with 250 rural artisans and rural women to bring blue pottery to the international level.
  6. Maitreya Inc, which makes top-quality sculptures, miniatures and paintings, many of which are now part of major private and public collections.
  7. Krishna Industries from UP, who are known internationally for their innovation and ingenuity.
  8. JHR Overseas from Punjab, which works in advanced machinery, technology to design and manufacture various fully machined parts
  9. Moha Atelier Pvt Ltd from West Bengal offering handmade wedding garments designed and manufactured by artisans in villages.
  10. Springfit Mattress from New Delhi, a completely home-grown brand started ten years ago.
  11. DREAMHUNT India from Maharashtra, which offers personal and professional grooming/training.
  12. Success Gyan, a self development and training brand in India.
  13. CADD Centre, which trains professionals from diverse engineering, graphic and management backgrounds.
  14. Paper Weight Entertainment from Delhi, known for creating original content and client based content for the last four years.
  15. True South from Bengaluru, known for growing its own coffee to doing everything in-house: roasting, grinding, processing and packaging.
  16. Expedite Foods from Gujarat, a brand focusing on Rural India. It ensures that quality and affordable snacks are available in the hinterlands.
  17. Chai Point, by Mountain Trail Foods, India's largest organised Chai retailer.
  18. Rajas Enterprises, one of the top 20 OEMs in the world.
  19. Plasti Surge, which has been actively working with almost every state-run medical corporation for supplies of healthcare disposables.
  20. Cleantech Water from Gujarat. It recycles waste water and conducts its operations with the idea that the environment is its responsibility.
  21. Victory Electric, an electric rickshaw manufacturer which has overshadowed many Chinese companies in terms of product durability.
  22. Cureveda, a homegrown brand for Herbal, Organic and Nutraceutical Remedies from Maharashtra.
  23. MCW Healthcare, one of most renowned pharmaceutical names, with a strong presence in global markets.
  24. Aishwarya Healthcare from  Maharashtra, which have established its credibility among the medical fraternity in over 30 countries with its commitment to quality.
  25. Ozone Steam Sauna & Pools, which provides solutions to clients where water in swimming pools was not required to be changed for as long as two years.
  26. IndiQube, a preferred destination among professionals and corporates to work.
  27. Baker's Treat From Mariam's Kitchen in the Restaurant category.
  28. Thalappakatti, a brand of Biriyani which has attained widespread popularity all across South India.
  29. Elite Decor, one of the top home furnishing brands in India.
  30. Neerus Ensembles from Telangana, a leader in Indian women ethnic wear.
  31. Tisarah Infrastructure from Uttar Pradesh, in the Services (Micro Enterprises) category.
  32. PICKDEL Express Cargo from Kerala, in the Services (Small Enterprises) category.
  33. Bhojpur Mahila Kala Kendra, an NGO from Bihar that aims to establish a just society in which no one remains hungry, unemployed, illiterate or exploited.
  34. Safeducate Learning, one of India’s largest enterprise working to drive skill development, employment and livelihood creation.
  35. MACLEC, which invented the world's first Indigenous Patented Surface Water velocity driven hydrokinetic turbine VARUN-III.
  36. Accurate Gauging & Instruments, known for pioneering manufacturing of 3 axis co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) in India.
  37. FarEye, a SaaS platform, which enables quick and reliable movement of goods using mobility, data analytics and automation.
  38. Bahwan CyberTek, a digital transformation solutions provider having 1000+ customers including Fortune 500 companies.
  39. Mahakhadi, an initiative by Maharahtra State Khadi and Village Industries Board (MSKVIB).
  40. Glo Life Care Equipments, manufacturer of Sanitary Pad Vending machines and Sanitary Pad incinerators.
  41. LR Industries, sole manufacturer of AFO fire extinguisher ball in India.

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