From innovation to productivity: meet the startups exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2019

While much media attention focuses on the cutting edge (or bleeding edge) of new tech waves, many prudent startups are also exploring safer ground, as seen at MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

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Much heated debate at the annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) focuses on cutting-edge issues of 5G ecosystems, ethics for artificial intelligence (AI), industry alliances for Industry 4.0, and harmonisation of regional policy.

At the same, there is still much value for startups to extract from needs of businesses for digital presence, rich media content, and workflow productivity based on current mobile infrastructure. Startups in over a dozen country pavilions are showcasing their offerings in digital access devices, tourism applications, AR/VR headsets, drones, IT security and CRM, as featured in this photo essay.

Other entrepreneurs are tackling issues of business analytics, programmatic advertising, edge computing, app integration, digital platforms, electronic signatures, and facial recognition. In this second photo essay from MWC 2019, we present the teams from Indigitall, Fibracat, Kumbaya, Infodio, Hevolus, Kompyte, Shift CryptoSecurity, Movetia, LiftOff, AppsFlyer, WinJit, AdMan Media, GeoEdge, Guidebook, Agora, Nebula Suite, and Herta.

In subsequent articles, we will share insights from these founders, along with expert commentary from the conference tracks. It will take much more than a train strike and even Uber’s withdrawal from Barcelona to dampen the enthusiasm of innovators at this annual gathering of the mobile industry!

Now, what have you done today to hedge your bets during tech transformation, and ride the wave of change with an innovative breakthrough?

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