Five Ways your business can grow with an Instagram Influencer

Influencer marketing may not be new, but the way it is executed today has sparked an interest among key stakeholders. It is even more effective when practiced on a social media platform such as Instagram.

Here are five ways brands can leverage the potency of Instagram for their promotion through influencer marketing campaigns:

1. Swap sponsored ads with influencer marketing

Conventional advertisements no longer appeal to the wiser customers today. As they are becoming more aware of their own tastes and preferences, customers appreciate this fact being acknowledged by the companies selling their products or services to them. Instagram, while presenting an opportunity to engage with a target audience, sets a precedent for practicing effective influencer marketing. When a person of high repute/influence endorses/recommends a product or service, the potential buyers are more likely to listen to her and eventually buy the product/service with greater trust.  

2. Club influencer marketing with affiliate marketing

Launching an affiliate marketing program on Instagram in addition to an influencer marketing campaign can drive in the desired results much faster than expected. So, partnering with an influencer for running an influencer marketing campaign and taking her onboard for the affiliate program can set the stage for achieving a quantifiable goal -- a win-win situation for both the parties. With defined commissions for each association with an influencer, the company can gear itself to earn from dual marketing campaigns at the same time.


3. Get control of in-person events

A brand doesn’t just thrive online, but it has an offline presence too. So, organizing in-person events with influencer-in-action on the floor and inviting her followers to it may hugely benefit the brand. For example, an influencer on Instagram can start leveraging the photos of smart electronic gadgets that have just hit the market to gather attention of the target audience online much before an offline event is to be held. This way she can ensure that the her followers are interested in the event and are motivated to attend it, thus, bringing in marketing success for the brand.

4. Join hands with two influencers at the same time

If one influencer benefits the brand, two doubles the effect. Here’s why you should join hands with two influencers simultaneously for a single brand, product, or service: 

a) The two influencers on a single platform, such as Instagram, with similar but complementary following can provide more exposure to the brand in lesser time.

b) It adds to the dynamics of the influence marketing campaigns have with two different persons of similar motivations and intellectual appeal, but a different set of followers.

In this way, the brand can make more sales/profits by inviting the attention of more number of people.

5. Influence target audience with relatable influencers

In order to achieve business goals, brands must keep the marketing the ‘human first’ aspect, and influencer marketing helps in doing just that. As there is simply no substitute for genuine fans of a product/service, it is recommended that the brand associates itself with an influencer whose persona seems relatable to the target audience. Several success stories on Instagram suggest that it is sagacious to partner with an influencer who is close to the eyes and minds of the audience instead of a successful but unrelatable influencer personality.


By leveraging the power of an influencer, brands can boost their own visibility, increase profits and enhance their growth. 

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)


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