Struggling to meet sales target? Bootstrapped Intandemly will help you personalise B2B sales, drive growth


Hyderabad-based Intandemly is an account-based sales platform that enables B2B organisations to target prospective accounts, engage decision-makers, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale.

As the fiscal year comes to an end, sales teams are pulling up their socks and gearing up to make the deals that can help achieve their targets. While a B2C company focuses on sales in a certain manner, a B2B enterprise does it in a different way. 

After spending over two decades in sales, Sampath M released from his experience that B2B selling wasn’t reliant on the skill and power of the salesperson, but it simply had to work in tandem and collaboration with the marketing team in specific, and the whole organisation in general. 

This led him to start Intandemly in 2016 in Hyderabad. It is an account-based sales platform that enables B2B organisations to target prospective accounts, engage decision-makers, and accelerate marketing and sales pipeline velocity at scale.

“I always noticed that the sales alignment was often missing. I faced this problem myself and then when I spoke to 10 other companies, they agreed that sales and marketing alignment never existed,” says Sampath.

He explains, the idea is to break organisation silos and bring everyone to their common goal of achieving the set revenue target.

The Intandemly team

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Building the sales platform and the team 

Once Sampath had the idea, he explained the same to Kiran S, the founder of an IT services company. The duo joined hands to start Intandemly. They also hired Saran, Shwetha and Raghu Veer from their known acquaintances to be a part of the core team. 

Before starting up, Sampath, a graduate from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a major in marketing and advertising, and the head of sales at an IT services company, has worked with tech companies such as NetSuite and CoMakeIT handling their sales.

Intandemly essentially determines the best sales and marketing structure and strategy as per the demands of the company. The sales platform analyses the goals and creates customer segmentation models and the structure and strategy that need to be used to achieve the targets.

“The industry says account-based marketing or account-based selling is apt for enterprises or large companies, and it would be challenging for SMBs to execute this. Intandemly is disrupting this by building a platform in a way that SMBs can execute account-based sales like any other strategy and in a cost-effective way,” he says. 

The SaaS-based sales platform helps organisations identify accounts easily, and check if there is a possibility for doing the initial prospecting and engagement with the clients. 

Once the client selects the particular criteria of the audience they want to target, the platform gives them a list of accounts, along with details of the people they need to get in touch with.

Intandemly then helps companies stay connected to customers and streamline the processes, and in turn improve profitability. Then, instead of a single salesperson targeting a single contact in a company, different stakeholders target fifteen stakeholders in the company. 

However, Sampath says, one of the biggest challenges has been educating the customers. “As customers are used to the traditional ways, making them understand the benefits of “targeted selling at scale” and organisational alignment was a big challenge,” he says. 

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Market challenges and future 

Another challenge was getting the right product-market fit, which Sampath says took time and a lot of trials and errors with SMBs. 

Some of Intandemly’s clients include the Brigade Group, Lucid Diagnostics, and coMakeIT. The company claims to have clients who have a global presence in markets such as the US, Netherlands, UAE, the UK, Australia, Germany and India.

According to Gartner Inc., SaaS is a $73.6 billion industry worldwide and is dominated by Salesforce, Oracle and Google. Intandemly competes with companies such as Imaginesales, InStream, Nudge, Tact, and Zipari, which are serving businesses globally.

The team charges a monthly fee to its customers, depending on the users and the need. The product is priced in the range of $99 to $3,000 a month, and the team claims to have seen a 160 percent growth in revenue. 

However, Sampath says Intandemly is different. He says, no matter what the size of the company is (One to 10,000 people and above), if they are into the B2B business, they should be able to execute account-based sales with amazing ease of use and increase their organisational alignment towards the customer.

Currently bootstrapped, Intandemly is looking to raise funds from external investors. This year, the team is also opening offices in the USA and the Netherlands, which will help the company penetrate the US and European markets. Several regional offices in India will also take shape.




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