Made in India: meet the country's best-selling consumer brands on Amazon India Launchpad

A decade ago, foreign brands were in the rage. But, Indian manufacturers have now caught up, and everyone wants to go ‘desi’. These brands are making buying local more lucrative.

Indians just cannot seem get enough of local brands nowadays. A decade ago, we would want to fly abroad to buy international brands. Then, international brands started coming to us. Today, the story is slightly different. The rise of ecommerce in India has created an avenue for local brands, a slew of who have emerged as the top sellers on Amazon Launchpad, ushering in a new era of Indian consumer brands.

Surprisingly, these are the brands that can eventually take on global behemoths like P&G, Unilever or ITC in the future. These brands are young, fresh, and purely run on the energy of entrepreneurs who have braved it all, riding on the online distribution model to succeed.

Fit&Glow's Wow

Alpino Foods: This Surat-based health foods company raced to the top with its peanut butter. Founded by Priyank Vora and Milan Gopani, Alpino is making waves in gyms and among the health geeks. Priced at Rs 386, its Natural Crunch Peanut Butter is numero uno on Amazon.

Wow: Fit and Glow has four brands among the top 10 on Amazon LaunchPad, and Wow is one of the few Indian brands which has become popular in the US too. Founders Manish Chowdhary, Karan Chowdhary, Ashwin Sokke, and Arvind Sokke won over the Indian market with their Apple Cider Vinegar and Omega3 capsules. Today, it is a major brand in the health and lifestyle segment.

Ustraa: Founded by Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand, this was the men’s range the company launched after the success of their women’s beauty products brand, Happily Unmarried. Their beard growth oil is in the top 10 among even much bigger players.

Pintola:  Founded by Kamlesh Patel, this is yet another health food company among the top selling on Amazon Launchpad. Like Alpino, Pintola also makes a variety of peanut butter spreads. The only question to ask now is, “How come there are two peanut butter brands in the top ten list?” Maybe, Indians have taken to peanut butter now.  

Beardo: Another favourite men’s brand, Beardo was founded by Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah. The company has become popular on Amazon thanks to the beard revolution running across India. And its beard wax - one of the top ten.

MuscleBlaze: Founded by Sameer Maheshwari in 2012, MuscleBlaze is based in Gurugram. It focusses on fitness and sells several bodybuilding supplements.

Leaf: Founded in 2015 by Avinash Bansal, Ayush Banka, Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta and Paras Batra, this company believes its audio technology makes it a top brand in India. It sells wired and wireless earphones and headphones, and wireless speakers.

Other interesting Indian brands on top are WAKEFIT Mattresses, True Elements Oats, FGear and MamaEarth.

“The Indian brand story is here to stay. These entrepreneurs are using a combination of online and physical distribution with interesting branding techniques to win the young customer with affordable pricing,” says Manish Chowdhary, Co-founder of Fit and Glow, which owns Wow.

The Indian retail market is worth $650 billion and only 10 percent is organised. But with Indian consumption on the rise, several more homegrown brands are making an all-out effort to reach the top.