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Seema Agarwal, Co-founder of Artisan Saga, talks about the beauty of handlooms, why they are the real deal, and lets us take a peek into her life as a traveller and an interior landscaper. Seema talks about Srinagar and her memories and friends there. She also travels to curate handlooms and as a passionate advocate of handloom fabrics, Seema believes that these handcrafted textiles are our heritage and our legacy.

Women’s Day Special: The much-anticipated movie, Captain Marvel releases on March 8. The solo feature has been in the making for close to a year now and it’s been even longer since the first rumours surfaced. Many believe, Captain Marvel is Marvel’s answer to the snowballing box-office success of Wonder Woman. Few others are of the opinion that a solo female flick was long coming.

Do you know how to grow your wealth, save for a rainy day and lead a financially independent life? To avoid making costly mistakes tomorrow, it is important to learn how to manage your money today. Pay It Forward was started more than two years ago by Preetha Wali, Vinita Jain and Anu Seth, to educate people on the importance of personal finance literacy. As another International Women’s Day rolls around, Preetha talks to YS Weekender on managing your finances.

When you can’t stand the heat, it’s probably a good idea to head for the kitchen if only to plan out your summertime blues strategy. Whip up something cold and yummy to stay refreshed, says our columnist, Ajit Saldanha. So, while making cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon and turmeric an intrinsic part of our summer diets is sensible, adopting a counter-intuitive approach is even smarter and including soups and spicy dishes is also a good option.

Meet Benedict Savio of Global Media Box - a pioneer of Hot Air Ballooning in India. He has been instrumental in starting the Tamil Nadu Balloon Festival. In 2013, Benedict brought his first balloon and conducted test flights in Pollachi, Villupuram and Ginjee. This time, he managed to arrange five more balloons and successfully conducted his first Balloon festival at Pollachi. There has been no looking back after that.

Shreyans Jain is the co-founder of Under 25, along with Anto Philip. They’ve set out to create the voice of creative youngsters and the go-to youth brand in the country today. He speaks about his heroes, his loves, his regrets and much more in his answers to our Proust Questionnaire.

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