‘Happiness is derived from true enthusiasm’ – 45 quotes from Indian startup journeys

From energy to enthusiasm, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these quotes, excerpts, and stories!

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It is heartening to see successful startups taking up their roles in society to make more people start up. - Guhesh Ramanathan, Excubator

A brand needs nurturing. You can’t build a brand overnight, it’s the performance and the integrity of the company that matters. - Sushil Kumar Aggarwal, Avon Moldplast

Trust is earned by default until there is a reason to distrust - and once that happens, it's nearly impossible to reverse. - Sanjay Swamy, TiE

Networking has a higher success rate than job boards when it comes to securing a position. - Vartika Manasvi, imeyou

The brain is in the cloud, and 5G makes communication with machines happen at scale. - Bill Huang, Cloud Minds

AI diagnostic tools are helping doctors scour through data to better diagnose a variety of abnormal conditions, and are the only way to bridge the huge demand-and-supply gap. - Manish Singhal, pi Ventures

Digital commerce has exploded, and fraudsters have taken note, adapting and developing new methods to carry out their crimes. - Bill Ready, PayPal

There are companies with guidelines that say that cybersecurity is mandated to be a board-level discussion - not just awareness but how you train yourselves for cyber incidents. - Vikas Arora, IBM

Most businesses are moving away from centralised platforms for their communication needs and are looking to create a unified user experience on their own platform. - Anuj Garg, CometChat

For many countries, IoT is a glitzy toy, but in India, it is a necessity for many scenarios. - Narain Attili, Melange Systems

OTT is predicted to be a $5 billion market in India alone in the next five years. - John Kuruvilla, VR Devotee

India has an incredibly rich music culture. - Daniel Ek, Spotify

If MSMEs can build parts for Chandrayaan, why can't we do it for everyone around the world? - Giriraj Singh, Minister of State for MSME

Digitisation is going to be one of game changers for MSME businesses. - Jayesh Ranjan, Government of Telangana

India is a low-ticket size, low-margin canvas for the foodtech sector to operate in. - Deepinder Goyal, Zomato

Ready-to-eat food is a fast emerging and a significant segment, given the changing lifestyles of urban millennials. - Shripad Nadkarni, Fingerlix

Typing is not natural. Speech is great way to communicate for mundane tasks. - Sankara, Aryabhatta Robotics

It is essential to have voice as a service in local languages too. - Krishna Reddy, GNie

There are a large number of small businesses who do not have a current account or do not actively use their current account for everyday payments. - Satish Kumar Gupta, Paytm Payments Bank

Unlike in the West, asking for wedding gifts is not common in India. - Abhimanyu Lal, Pepperfry

In places of conflict, the voice and talent of the average person is often drowned out by the noise of violence. - Sama Bég, Koshur Lifestyle

It is very disheartening to see cruelty towards animals. Street animals have nowhere to go. - Tsering Dorjey, Taru Gayphel Tsogspa Animal Welfare Society

To think that somehow the government is magically going to solve all our problems while the citizens remain disengaged is not going to work. - Revathy Ashok, B.PAC

While many e-commerce and crafts sites promote folk art, exhibitions offer you the rare opportunity to see original folk artworks in real life and get a sense of their true beauty. - Sankalita Das, Secure Giving

Young India does not value Indian handicrafts since they is projected in a very stereotypical way. - Gursakhi Lugani, NakhreWaali

If it was so hard for our children to have access to play equipment in cities, what must it be like for children from economically weak backgrounds? - Sunita Maheshwari, People4People

If we had the right nutrition support, the country could have produced Olympic-level sportspersons much earlier. - Samit Mehta, UTH Beverage

Often people don’t know how to dispose of their e-waste, and are also unaware of the toxic nature of discarded electronics. - Shalini Sharma, E-waste Exchange

Recycling is known to consume 60 percent less energy when compared to refining metals from virgin ores. - Rajat Kapur, Cosmos Green

The idea is to recycle, to prevent industrial waste from polluting our planet. - Haribaabu Naatesan

Installing solar panels at the current cost of offsetting grid power cost makes absolute business sense. - Maxson Lewis, Magenta Power

When we look at the pattern of any big city across the globe, two-third of the trips are below 5 km. - Amit Gupta, Yulu

People travel for hours daily in metro cities. Instead of hoardings, their means of commute is a better option to catch their attention. - Siddharth Dangi, Trioo

India can leapfrog problems of pollution and energy security by moving to electric mobility, create millions of new jobs and economic opportunity, and lead the world. - Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola

Buying and selling used cars was - and still is - a big grey area in the auto industry. - Ram Jaiswal, CheckMyGaadi

Consumption will continue, and hence, logistics will always be in demand. - Pranav Goel, Porter

The best way to look at investments is to understand your present expenses, the lifestyle you wish to lead, your dependents and other obligations that need to be fulfilled. - Preetha Wali, Pay It Forward

Success is not a function of the size of your title but the richness of your contribution - Robin Sharma

Having the dream is easy. Making it come true is hard. - Serena Williams

Hard work and going the extra mile is important, without which you can’t be successful. - Sumeet Singh, InfoEdge

Gully is not just a word, it’s an emotion, a feeling. - Gully Boy Naezy

Find your passion, find what keeps you going. And most importantly, have fun. Otherwise every day will feel like a chore. - Gitanjali Rajamani, Farmizen

If you want to do something great, you have to do something different and extraordinary. - Anil Pradhan, International Public School for Rural Innovation

There never is a dull moment, and you keep learning, and keep evolving. - Vicky Bindra, Pine Labs

Happiness is derived from true enthusiasm. - Shreyans Jain, Under 25

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