The best of YS Weekender: movies, money, and marvellous food

It's Saturday and time for YS Weekender, your weekly fix for the all the exciting goings on in the life of entrepreneurs you love, a rendezvous with celebrities, and an update on the latest lifestyle trends out there.

Check out how Artisan Saga's Seema Agarwal - an intrepid traveller - survived a blizzard around Dhanaulti in Garhwal. And how, back at the office, her life-long passion for handlooms has helped her weave a new story in her life.

A model wearing a handloom saree by Artisan Saga

And before we forget, mark your calendars for this Friday to catch the magic of woman power in Captain Marvel, the movie that could well become the most popular super hero film yet.

Want to get rich? Co- Founder of Pay it Forward, Preetha Wali, has some special solutions for you in this Women's Day special story.

If you're in the mood for learning about the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, head over to our conversation with Under-25 founder, Shreyans Jain

Now that it’s summer, it's time to toss away those potato fries and get some cool soups and some crisp watermelon onto your plate, says our food columnist, Ajit Saldanha.

This weekend, also explore the trend of hot-air ballooning with Benedict Savio.

Happy reading and have a fantastic weekend!


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