Zomato opens 30,000sqft HyperPure warehouse in Bengaluru to service 2,500 restaurants

The warehouse will be able to supply 4,000 metric ton produce per month. With HyperPure warehouse, Zomato will be supplying fresh raw materials to more than 2,500 restaurants.

Foodtech unicorn Zomato launched its HyperPure warehouse in Bengaluru on Friday. The 30,000 sqft warehouse will be enable more than 2,500 restaurants access fresh produce.

Bengaluru-based Zomato's warehouse will have a 4,000 metric ton capacity per month - including vegetables, fruits, poultry, grocery, meat, seafood, dairy and beverages from the warehouse. Zomato has built an end-to-end tech platform to enable restaurants to buy these supplies.

Zomato's Deepinder Goyal and Gaurav Gupta

Deepinder Goyal, Founder and CEO of Zomato, said, "A single thread unites the entire chain of Zomato lines of business-- better food for more people. Everything we do is to bring together restaurants, consumers, food suppliers and logistics partners, working towards ensuring more people have access to fresh and clean food. With HyperPure, we are driving transparency and accountability across the food supply value chain since August 2018.”

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Last year, Zomato has acquired raw materials and ingredient supplies platform for restaurants WOTU (now rebranded as HyperPure). It follows a farm-to-fork model where HyperPure directly works with farmers, mills, producers, and processors, and enables Zomato to provide fresh produce to the restaurants.

Dhruv Sawhney, Founder of HyperPure, said, "We have grown rapidly - from supplying 350 restaurants in Bengaluru in November 2018 to supplying nearly 1,000 merchants, today. To address the growing demand, we have moved to a 30,000 sqft warehouse in Bengaluru, and will soon launch an even larger warehouse in Delhi. We will open Hyperpure warehouses in nine more cities across India by the end of this year, and eventually, across our international markets.”  

HyperPure warehouse

Competitor Swiggy had recently announced on its blog about Swiggy Stores, allowing customers to order anything from any store across the city. At present, Swiggy Stores deliver from 3,500 stores in Gurugram and they have also partnered with 200 kiranas, supermarkets, fresh meat suppliers, baby stores, and health supplement stores.