The best of Weekender: Up close and personal with Sumeet Vyas, diets that work and trendy summer ice creams

This weekend, we find about actor-writer Sumeet Vyas and his exciting career, how music and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand and how to get ahead in the world of movies

You may know him as Mikesh from Permanent Roommates, and as Chandan in the web series, TVF Tripling. But how much do we know of the man behind these popular shows? Sumeet Vyas, actor and writer extraordinaire, is Indian best-known web hero! As Season 2 of his show TVF Tripling is streaming now, we get to follow his new adventures that unfold on the screen and the changing dynamics among the protagonists.

But nothing came easy, Sumeet says, opening up about his struggles in showbiz since he was 17 and his career ever since. His mantra today is simple: ‘Don’t get tempted by money. Invest in your craft and money will follow.’ Want to know more? Don’t miss this exclusive interview with the young actor who can be goofy, smart, sunny and irresistible, all at the same time.

Sumeet Vyas

If you love music and believe that it has close ties to mathematics, meet entrepreneur Saket Modi who feels the same. As CEO and Co- Founder of Lucideus, he works hard at making his business thrive, but not without some music and salsa to brighten his days. There are monthly jamming sessions that are organised at his office for Saket and his team to take some time off to sing and dance together. Here’s a glimpse of the musical side of this well-known entrepreneur!

Saket Modi

As the summer sun scorches our part of the world, there is no better way to beat the heat than with a bowl of ice cream. But did you know that there are food scientists working behind the scenes to bring us the best flavours and finest blends possible? In an interaction with food scientist, Dr Maya Warren, who is currently Senior Director of Research and Development and Taste Master at Cold Stone Creamery, we find out all about the newest flavours of the season. For instance, did you know that Ube (purple yam), mango, chilli and cookie dough are the most popular ice creams now? Check out the latest news on frozen treats in an interview with a food scientist.

Maya Warren

Diets are a dime a dozen in the world of nutrition today, but which ones really work? Should you really deprive yourself of food for several hours to lose weight? Should you eliminate a whole bunch of food groups from your diet to make headway in your fitness goals? Meet Deepa Kannan, a Functional Nutritionist, who practises a system of nutrition which believes in the interconnection of all body systems. She also curates bio-individual diets after extensive analysis and assessment of a person. Don't miss her article where she busts every health myth that we have been following blindly for years.

Juices may not be as healthy as they look

Director-writer, Adarsh Eshwarappa is a man of many firsts. To begin with, he dared to launch a film with no godfather in the Kannada film industry. Secondly, he chose a woman-centric subject for his debut film when his peers were stuck on stereotypes. And eventually, he ended up winning critical acclaim and a noteworthy award for his very first film. Now, he’s all set to launch his next movie, Bhinna, which is a psychological thriller. Get all the juicy details in this interview with this immensely talented director.

Adarsh Eashwarappa

And finally, get a close-up view of Chef Rakhee Vaswani, of Palate Culinary Academy, who has trained celebrities like Malaika Arora Khan, Arjun Kapoor (for the movie Ki and Ka) and Kriti Sanon (for the movie Raabta).

Rakhee Vaswani

She has also hosted some shows for the popular food-tainment channel Living Foodz. We get to find out all about her ideas of perfect happiness, her greatest extravagances and her heroes. Her top tip for all aspiring chefs is: 'Keep tasting along the way and keep that work station clean.' Read all about this well-known chef who loves her craft and pursues it to perfection.