Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2019 gives every great hardware startup the head start it needs to grow big. Apply today.


If you are a hardware startup designing devices and products in the domains of Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT, apply for Qualcomm Design in India Challenge  2019.


Here’s what you stand to win if you are among the 10 startups selected for the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge 2019 – the fourth edition of India’s longest running wireless hardware startup incubation programme, sponsored and executed by Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL).

  • An IPR/patent generation incentive wherein Qualcomm will reimburse each startup an amount of $2,500 for a full utility patent application filed with either the US PTO or Indian PTO in respect of the proposal for QDIC and during the incubation phase of the programme.
  • Access to accelerator programme services which include diagnostic assessments, workshop interventions on scaling parameters like operations, customers, competition, product, financials, team, and monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions from subject matter experts for each scaling parameter. All of this through Qualcomm Design in India Challenge programme partner at no additional cost to the startup.
  • Help from Qualcomm to extend your design capabilities through its innovation lab in Bengaluru. The Qualcomm Innovation Lab is one of the best in the country and will help Indian startups design world-class products locally. The Lab is equipped with the best of tools and equipment to enable startups to design, lay out, calibrate and bring up rapid prototyping and innovative product designs.
  • Startups part of the cohort will also get to test and launch products using Qualcomm technologies. You will get access to different kinds of evaluation kits and development boards, along with the tools to optimise camera, audio, display, etc.  
  • Qualcomm will also champion key initiatives to leverage technology and solutions along with its ecosystem partners, including the startup community and government bodies, to engage with industry verticals such as Smart Infrastructure, Biometric Devices, Payment Terminals, Agricultural Technology, Medical Technology and Rural IoT. A key highlight is that Qualcomm will facilitate connections with MeitY/DIPP representatives in person for meet and greet sessions. Startups that have been part of previous editions of the programme have met government representatives and also participated in trade fairs and similar initiatives that have helped them gain validation and market introduction.
  • Other than access to Qualcomm’s technologies and its world-class labs and equipment, the 10 startups will also receive an initial cash prize of $10,000 each and a chance to win anywhere between $50,000 to $100,000

As part of Qualcomm Design in India’s Challenge 2019, YourStory is partnering with Qualcomm to host multi-city roadshows. At the events, you will get a chance to closely interact with Qualcomm experts to see how and why this programme adds value to your startup journey. Register today.

A quick glance at one of India’s most successful hardware incubation programme

The Qualcomm Design in India Challenge – 2019 is a continuation of the initiative by Qualcomm Technology Licensing (QTL) that was started in 2016 to encourage design houses and product companies to invent useful and innovative hardware product designs incorporating Qualcomm chipset platforms and technologies.

Through the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge, Qualcomm has incubated 39 startups, which includes seven startups that went on to secure Series A funding. Startups from the programme have filed 72 patents and have launched 15 commercial products. In the last three years, Qualcomm has disbursed $1.2 million in prize money to incubated startups. 

Startups champion Qualcomm Design in India Challenge

Past winners of Qualcomm Design in India Challenge include highly successful startups like Carnot TechnologiesUncanny VisioniFuture RoboticsSteradian Semiconductor and Tagbox Solutions. Not just the winning startups, but most of the startups incubated under the programme have vouched for the fact that the programme has helped them in their product and scaling journeys.

Read how Gaia, a data automation and analytics startup is leveraging civic tech and urban tech solutions to address challenges in business and urban ecosystems and why they say Qualcomm technology has helped make their device versatile and disruptive.

Read how Qualcomm has helped Intuvision build a home-grown, affordable and high quality retinal imaging camera by simplifying much of their development effort, adding value to their products and saving costs.

Read all about the experience of the startups that were part of the first edition of the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge, and the progress they made on their products just four months into their incubation programme and the technical and engineering support they received from Qualcomm.


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