Get up close and personal with Sumeet Vyas; Decode the science of ice creams


You have seen him as the lovable goof Mikesh on Permanent Roommates and as Chandan on TVF Tripling! But how much do you know of the man behind these roles? India's best-known web hero Sumeet Vyas is currently enjoying his time in the sun with the arrival of the much-anticipated second season of TriplingYourStoryWeekender caught up with the actor and writer to break down the ABC of the digital streaming space, the choice when it comes to scripts, what’s more in store for the fan-favourite Mikesh and Tanya, and more.

How Saket Modi of Lucideus stays rooted in reality

The protector of BHIM, or the person guarding the Airport Authority of India, Saket Modi has assessed cyber walls of bigwigs like WhatsApp, Google Pay, BookMyShow, MiPay, etc. But the CEO and Co-founder of Lucideus Technologies is more than a computer genius, entrepreneur, and ethical hacker. In a chat with YS Weekender, Saket talks about his love for music, how his company was named, and more.

The science of ice cream with Maya Warren of Cold Stone Creamery 

For some, it’s a mix of cold cheesecake ice cream that hits their sweet spot, while others find euphoria in a dessert loaded with toasted coconut, rainbow sprinkles and fudge. But what goes into each of these exotic creations? What does a food scientist, manufacturing ice creams, do? Dr Maya Warren, Senior Director of Research and Development and Taste Master at Cold Stone Creamery has the answers.

Busting the health myths of the season

There are a lot of dietary theories out there with everyone on a mission to find that magical diet, which will propel them to success! But is there any truth to them? Functional nutritionist Deepa Kannan breaks down the dos and don'ts of dieting, whether keto is actually good for everyone, if intermittent fasting is the wonder diet, is juicing after binge drinking really the best way, and more.

Adarsh Eshwarappa goes on thriller mode with Bhinna

Director and writer Adarsh Eshwarappa is a man of many firsts. He dared to launch a film with no godfather in the Kannada film industry. Secondly, he chose a woman-centric subject for his debut when his peers were stuck on stereotypes. And, it paid off as he ended up winning an award and critical acclaim for it. Now, he is working on a thriller Bhinna, made with a minimal budget and was shot across only a few locations.

Proust with Chef Rakhee Vaswani of Palate Culinary Studio and Academy 

‘A good cook must taste, taste, taste and keep a clean workstation’, says Rakhee Vaswani, a chef, and the founder of Palate Culinary Studio and Academy. She has trained celebrities like Malaika Arora Khan, Arjun Kapoor and Kriti Sanon. Rakhee also hosted over four shows for the popular Foodtainment Channel Living Foodz. She tells us what her biggest fears, greatest love, and achievements are.

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