The best of Weekender: Behind the scenes of a Delhi Crime story, the culinary wizards of Oz and cool aloe on your sleeve

This weekend, we find out about Shefali Shah's brush with fame, some exciting Australian cuisine and how to beat the heat with cool fabrics

If you’ve enjoyed the gripping web series, Delhi Crime on Netflix, here’s a chance to get up close and personal with Shefali Shah, the actor who played Vartika Chaturvedi, the DCP of South District Delhi. Shefali’s role in the series is based on the life of firebrand cop Chhaya Sharma, who investigated the Nirbhaya case in Delhi. The series follows the DCP as she leads investigations to capture the six culprits in record time.  Ask Shefali what she feels about the whole experience of playing the role of Vartika, and she says that it was a story that needed to be told. Don’t miss her own life story as she recalls how she got this dream role that has taken her to incredible heights of fame and acclaim.

Shefali Shah

Colours and feelings go hand in hand for us at different junctures of our lives. As World Health Day rolls around on April 7, it’s time to make an appointment for a medical checkup and find out whether your test results fall in the ‘green’, ‘yellow’ or ‘red’ zone. Remember, red is a sign of imminent danger but many problems can be reversed and you can move into the green zone with proper diet and exercise. Here’s how to create a personal plan of action to ensure that you lead a life of optimum health and energy.

Good health is all about proper nutrition, exercise and meditation

Wondering where everyone is heading this summer? When in doubt, it’s best to go the experts. We spoke to Cameron Holland, CEO and Arun Ashok, Country Manager, Luxury Escapes to find out about the most popular holiday hotspots this year. According to them, the Middle East is the trendiest vacation destination with Cambodia and Croatia coming a close second. Check out their recommendations before booking your tickets and packing those bags for your next vacation.

Croatia is a popular destination among holiday-goers this year

If you are thinking of going to Australia this year, don’t miss what our columnist has to say about the Aussies and their food. According to him, Australians eat healthy and they eat well but it doesn’t show because they are slavishly devoted to sports. They know a lot about food because they understand flavours.  So, whether it is Lebanese, Basque, Japanese, Mexican or Hungarian, the Australians cheerfully assimilate a mix of robust flavours and dishes into their daily menu. You could enjoy all kinds of cuisine with the culinary wizards of Oz.

Innovative fabrics are cool and chic

Beat the scorching heat of summer, just by wearing the right clothes. Jyoti Sachdev Iyer and her daughter, Sayesha Sachdev, founders of Core by JSI, have created clothes out of cool aloe, beautiful banana fibre, fragrant eucalyptus, soft rose petals and more. Here’s an interview with one of the designers as she talks about the ‘slow fashion movement’, which is the art of designing and buying garments for longevity. Don’t miss her new and fresh take on edgy summer fashion.

Priyanka Sharma

If you love Rohinton Mistry’s books, you will find a soul mate in Priyanka Sharma, Co-Founder, Uno Más Tapas Bar Kitchen. The young entrepreneur, worked in a company for 11 years till she launched her own F&B company, Nessun Dorma Food Ventures with her Co-Founder and chef, Pallavi Jayswal. The Uno Más Tapas Bar Kitchen is their first venture. Check out the traits she deplores, the qualities she loves and all about her most treasured possessions. As for her favourite motto in life, she believes in doing unto others as you would have them do for you. What an interesting way to live!