Too many WhatsApp groups? This new feature allows you to block those random group invites

If you select “My Contacts” in the privacy setting, then WhatsApp will notify people trying to add you to a group with this message: “You can invite them privately to join this group”.

Who is not bothered by too many WhatsApp groups? Well, you now may have a solution to this problem.

After introducing the ‘Checkpoint Tipline’, WhatsApp is now rolling out a brand new privacy setting to give users more control over the groups on the messaging platform. The feature was first spotted in its beta version, and once it’s enabled, it will basically allow users to block people from adding them to random groups without their permission.

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The feature will be available under ‘Privacy’ in the ‘Account’ section. Here, users can choose to alter the settings for the WhatsApp groups to: “Nobody,” “My Contacts,” or “Everyone.”

So here’s how this works, if you choose “Nobody”, then for every group that wants to add you, you will have to personally accept the request.

On the other hand, setting the privacy status for WhatsApp Groups at “My Contact” will mean that only users who are added “in your address book” will be able to add you to a particular group on the app.

“In those cases, the person inviting you to a group will be prompted to send a private invite through an individual chat, giving you the choice of joining the group. You'll have three days to accept the invite before it expires,” the Facebook-owned company said in a statement.

With numerous incidents where the platform has been used to spread misinformation and rumours, this seems to be yet another attempt by WhatsApp to battle fake news. Especially in the lead up to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the platform has been amping up measures, launching initiatives like the “Checkpoint Tipline” and limiting the number of forwards to five chats at a time.

In the release, WhatsApp added,

“Groups continue to connect family, friends, coworkers, classmates and more. As people turn to groups for important conversations, users have asked for more control over their experience.

“Today, we're introducing a new privacy setting and invite system to help you decide who can add you to groups."

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