The ‘awesome twosome’ Netflix-ACT partnership: What's in it for India?


We all have a favourite brand of products and more often than not are loyal to that particular brand only. But what if we told you that there’s a good chance that most of your favourite products could be the result of two different brands working together? Over the years, co-branded partnerships have emerged as a great way to marry two classic brands into a unique and elevated experience for customers. Take for instance successful brand partnerships like that of Hershey’s with Betty Crocker, Ford with Tinder, Nike with Apple, IKEA and DreamWorks, Apple and MasterCard, and even KFC with NASA (with a literal product launch!). When two brands decide that there's greater value to be derived by working together in terms of price, perception, market and channels, it leads to a great brand collaboration proving to be a win-win for both parties and their customers.

This year, we saw one such partnership with ACT Fibernet and Netflix coming together for the #BetterTogether initiative, to provide premium content with super-fast internet. But more on that later!

Two is better than one

Let's look at three memorable brand partnerships that shine the light on how to make a success out of these engagements.

GoPro and Red Bull

Just the mention of the two in one breath is enough to set the adrenaline racing. A fearless and action-packed lifestyle is what you get if you put GoPro and Red Bull - portable action cameras and energy drinks- together. The duo partner through a series of sporting events. GoPro sources athletes from around the world and provides them tools to capture the action up-close, while Red Bull uses its sponsorship privileges to advertise events. They released a spine-chilling video to showcase their collaboration - which involved daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumping from a space pod almost 24 miles above earth with a GoPro camera secured to himself. He set three world records that day and the partnership reimagined human potential.

Spotify and Starbucks

Nothing says RELAX better than having good coffee while listening to great music. That's why Starbucks thought it was natural to partner with Spotify and bring music into its franchises. Starbucks employees received a premium Spotify subscription to curate music to playlists featured on Spotify, and customers earned free drinks if they subscribed to Spotify Premium. This unique in-store music experience brought more than 20 years of popular Starbucks music to both Starbucks customers and Spotify’s 60 million fans worldwide.

BMW and Louis Vuitton

Both the brands connote the ultra-luxe lifestyle, which is why BMW and Louis Vuitton make so much sense together. The signature luggage company designed an exclusive, four-piece set of suitcases and bags that would fit perfectly in the rear parcel shelf of BMW’s i8 sports car model. The luggage's design and appearance matched BMW's sleek and high-quality image. The collaboration targeted the sophisticated and professional demographic of buyers who would definitely want to invest in a dream vehicle and travel in style.

Something along the same lines

In what promises to be a similar co-branding success story, ACT Fibernet came together with Netflix as part of the #BetterTogether partnership. Customers of ACT Fibernet, which recently refreshed its brand tagline to 'Feel the Advantage', can now enjoy more customer-centric solutions. The partnership with Netflix means you can now stream your favourite shows on high-speed internet. What's even more exciting is that you get paid for it. If you subscribe to Netflix via ACT, you could get cashback up to Rs 350 in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and up to Rs 300 in Delhi while paying your monthly bill.

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This makes Netflix’s Rs 650 plan (HD quality) and the Rs 800 plan (4K quality) really affordable, and also gives you access to behind-the-scenes premieres, Netflix guides, some really cool merchandise and more. Subscribe now, and enjoy the ACT-Netflix advantage!


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