General Elections 2019: These funny tweets win hands down

Twitterati is out with their own verdict on Indian General Election results announced today. Whether supporting the winner or not, a bit of humour is exactly what we need today.

So the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has won the majority and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to begin his second term as the most powerful person in India. As expected, social media is flooded with opinions, debates, and a new meme every minute! We have picked a few of our favourite tweets - hoping this makes you LOL as it did for us!

We are sure that Amit Shah would appreciate this:

Not just for the movie star, but every candidate who lost in this election, this meme makes sense:

Can we be pardoned for laughing at this 'accident' please?

When the country's most famous news man called Sunny Paaji by his popular namesake:

This humorous, yet wise, Twitter handle can see the future:

American Indian comedian Sanjay Manaktala gets our priorities right:

Stand up comedian Atul Khatri is very sensitive to the opposition's pain:

Gabbbar Singh never gets it wrong:

Our favourite humourous writer Ramesh Srivats had some serious concerns:

You may not get this joke if you are unfamiliar with South Indian movies. But for those who know their Tamil and Malayalam epics:

....and lastly, about the newsrooms bursting with energy on their busiest day of the year:

What are your favourite jokes from this year's elections? Do share in the comments!


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