From freedom to fulfillment: how creativity helps these artists find success

Artists from exhibitions at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath share insights on finding purpose in work, and defining success in the long journey of creativity.

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The works of over 20 artists from eight cities across India were featured at recent exhibitions in Bengaluru’s Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath. Priced from Rs 5,000 to Rs 65,000, the featured works cover a range of formats, materials, themes and messages. The artist lineup includes Shana Gokul, Sikha Jayanth, CP Lenin, Rahul Janrao Kirdak, Lakshman Kabadi, Antony Raju, and TR Divya.

“People are becoming too busy with their daily lives, and their only recourse outside is rituals which they do not understand. Art helps you explore what freedom means,” explains painter Keya Mahata, in a chat with YourStory.

“Humble flowers from nature are also a source of joy and happiness. Every soul wants to be free and smile like flowers. Flowers represents the smile of every human being,” he observes. Humans have to realise that they hold the key to their own happiness; they have the wings to their own freedom but are unable to use them, according to Keya.

He defines success for an artist through the happiness they bring to audiences. “Observing art, asking questions about art, falling in love with art – that is real audience impact for an artist, beyond just sale of artworks,” he adds.

Keya offers tips to aspiring artists as well. “Learn from other artists, but don’t copy their paintings. Keep yourself open to influences, but listen to your soul. Use colours from your heart,” he advises.

Good audiences love not just artworks but artists themselves. “Make the painting uniquely yours. Only then will people truly appreciate your art, and that will lead you to success,” Keya urges.

Antony Raju brings rural imagery to life in his artworks. “My painting style is mostly figurative contemporary, with fluidity and rhythms captured in acrylic and charcoal,” he explains. He finds inspiration in nature and the unity of life.

“I personally respect all religions. That's why I have depicted Christ and Radha-Krishna in my work," he adds. He advises aspiring artists to look all around for inspiration and also practice hard.


“Art is not just an inner exploration or a form of therapy, but a way to give something back to society,” says heritage artist Kushboo Rathod. In this regard, she defines success as recognition for such contributions by an artist.

“It is very important to promote our heritage, to educate people about the past and their contributions. Therefore in my project ‘Cholas,’ I use visual elements to express the ideas and plans of architecture in the Chola period, along with text and graphics to convey the information so that people understand the vision,” Kushboo explains.

Such visual designs help inspire and educate people to look at the unusual and inspiring aspects of our past. Though many people may regard art as secondary or frivolous, Kushboo urges audiences to understand and respect artists. “Creativity takes courage,” she explains.


Many people tend to lose touch with their creative sides during their business activities. “Believe in yourself,” Kushboo signs off, citing Pablo Picasso’s classic quote: “Every child is an artist.”

Now, what have you done today to step back from your busy life, and reflect on whether your work is truly unleashing the inner you?

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