Into the world of fashion with Neeraj Gaba; A tête-à-tête with Vinay Pathak - your weekend fix


Would you go against the grain and switch career paths just to follow your heart? Meet Neeraj Gaba, a judge of India’s Next Top Model, who did. With a course in hotel management, Neeraj saw his career take flight after becoming a part of Sahara Airlines. But, life had other plans. Soon, he realised that fashion was his one true passion and decided it was time for the big switch. He took the plunge and moved to the fashion industry. In a conversation, Neeraj spills the beans on his exciting career, his views on fashion, and more.

Fantasy movies and shows are not just for kids anymore. They are becoming increasingly popular among adults, who are now going on trips to explore how their favourite movies and shows have been shot. Whether it is Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or the Avengers, there's a destination to satisfy all your crazy fan moments. Here’s where you need to go for a fandom trip and relive your favourite fandoms all over again.

Actor Vinay Pathak is etched in our memory. From his comedy and cricket shows on TV to playing the irritating Bharat Bhushan in the Bheja Fry franchise of films, or the literary giant Manto in the film Toba Tek Singh, Vinay Pathak has always proved that he can’t be typecast into any one kind of act. Of late, he’s been leaning towards a more colourful palette and opting for movies that excite him. 

Mothers are the OG superheroes - the real deal. Their efforts, contributions, and influence on our lives remain unparalleled. This Mother’s Day, we decided to talk to a few startup founders and find out all about their special relationship with their moms. Don’t miss their thoughts on their best memories and the finest advice they have ever received from their mothers.

Are you planning a movie night with your mum this Mother’s Day? Well, we’ve got your back! Right from a ‘who’s the father’ drama set in Greece to a body switch between a mother and daughter, and a chocolatier who sets off across Europe with her child, you can choose from a variety of themes for your mother’s special day. Here’s our pick of some of the best mom-and-kids flicks out there that you can revisit this summer.

Beas Dev Ralhan is an entrepreneur and investor passionate about technology-backed business ideas. He leads a talented team at Next Education as CEO. Beas began his career with a security and internet gateway solutions startup. Later, he joined other entrepreneurs and worked on ecommerce ventures. Check out his answers to our Proust questionnaire where he explores his greatest loves, regrets and much more.

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