Game of Thrones actor Maisie Williams’ talent discovery startup Daisie raises $2.5 M

London-based talent discovery platform Daisie allows artists to look for projects and helps companies to collaborate with artists.

Time might have stopped for many after HBO drama series Game of Thrones ended early this week, but not for Maisie Williams, who played the character of 'Arya Stark' in the drama series.

According to media reports, Daisie, a London-based talent discovery platform, co-founded by Maisie and film producer Dom Santry, has raised $2.5 million in seed funding led Founders Fund.

According to Daisie's website, the company was launched officially on May 8 this year. Daisie allows artists to looks for projects and helps companies to collaborate with creators or artists.

A report by TechCrunch said, other investors including 8VC, Kleiner Perkins, and VC firm Shrug Capital, from AngelList’s former Head of marketing Niv Dror, also participated in the round. The report says that Daisie has raised a total of about $3 million till date.

Source: Daisie blog

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The platform has reportedly clocked about one lakh users on its platform just after 11 days of its launch.

The company website says that despite today's world being more connected than ever, the focus is seemingly all on the individual, on fame, social standing, and personal influence and in almost every field, industry gatekeepers hold all the power and select those whom only *they* deem talented enough to advance to the next level.

"True collaboration and communication has never felt more difficult, and creativity is under threat. It's a divisive and alienating way to maintain the status quo, and we stand with many others demanding radical transformation," the website reads.

"We are creators ourselves – Maisie an actor, Dom an entrepreneur – and while we got lucky, we've still had to battle the ‘Who You Know’ and the ‘How It Is’. We get how hard it is to break into the creative industry and we're fired up to make it easier and better for everyone," it adds. And Daisie is where people find their people, get inspired, and make real progress together. "It's a new route into the creative world; through connections made organically and the natural development of skills."

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