Neither CSK nor Mumbai Indians, Chicken Biryani scores big this IPL: Swiggy

While Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi experienced a surge in food orders on Swiggy, Tier II and Tier III cities too joined the game, spending on high-value food orders.

In celebration and in loss, food, as it seems, has been the one true companion of cricket fans during this IPL season in India. From chicken biryani, masala dosa, pav bhaji, and samosa to sweet treats like Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, and black forest cakes, foodies ordered a range of dishes online as food delivery unicorn Swiggy, unsurprisingly, witnessed a surge in food orders.

To be precise, the surge in Swiggy's food orders went up by 30 percent during match days between 7 pm and 11 pm, as compared to non-match days. These findings were derived from Swiggy’s order analysis between March 23, 2019 and May 6, 2019 from over 140 cities including metros, Tier II and III cities, Swiggy said in a release.

As the cricketing extravaganza unfolded, however, some interesting turns were observed in the ordering trends as well.

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While the usual suspects – cities including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Delhi – continued to remain at the top of the list in terms of order volumes, this time around, they were also joined by a host of Tier II and Tier III cities. Cities like Kota and Visakhapatnam secured a spot among the top Tier II cities to place maximum Swiggy orders on Hotstar.

“Off the field, newer cities like Vapi, Pilani, Kanyakumari, Rewa, Nizamabad, and Kadapa have emerged victorious, as they saw over 117-fold increase in orders once IPL started,” the food delivery startup said in a statement.

In fact, in terms of high-value orders, foodies in smaller cities like Shillong, North Goa, Shimla, and Ooty left their metro counterparts far behind, spending more on their orders on Swiggy.

“Every time a batman hit a six, Indians celebrated by ordering these dishes - Chicken Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala, Chicken Fried Rice, Kadai Paneer, Masala Dosa, Veg Biryani, and Tandoori Chicken.”

On one hand, India showered the food delivery app with love in the form of more and more orders, and on the other hand, Swiggy’s  delivery partners took it upon themselves, going the extra mile to complete the deliveries. In just six weeks, the company’s delivery partners travelled a total 54,81,337 kms just to deliver Swiggy6 orders.

This weekend, however, is going to be the final showdown. As the teams approach the grand finale of IPL, it remains to be seen which way India swings – biryani or biryani.

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