JetBrains is coming to Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad to host IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin sessions


JetBrains has grown organically to become a team of over 1,000 passionate specialists working together towards an exciting future. Back in early 2000, they set out with the vision to help make other developers’ lives easier, and development more productive and fun by solving the issues they had experienced first-hand themselves. This resulted in the creation of a line of first-class tools which includes IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, and ReSharper. These tools are the choice of over 6 million developers worldwide and used and trusted by 95 of the Fortune 100 companies. JetBrains hasn’t restricted themselves to tooling solutions and has since created one of the fastest growing and most loved programming languages: Kotlin, the recently announced primary language for Android development.

The large developer community in India has begun to take an increased interest in Kotlin and JetBrains tools. This has not escaped the attention of JetBrains who are receiving frequent questions such as, “What’s so special about IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin?” and “What do JetBrains tools do that other tools don’t?” To help this important community get the answers they need, JetBrains has organised a full-day learning and networking program in three big cities, where developers can ask anything they need to know about IntelliJ IDEA and Kotlin.

A jetpacked day of learning and interactions


JetBrains Day will be held on June 16, 2019, and June 23, 2019 from 9 am to 4 pm at Pullman (Novotel Accor Hotels), Delhi, and HICC (Novotel Accor Hotels), Hyderabad, respectively. Kotlin/Everywhere will be held on June 22, 2019 at Hotel Conrad, Bengaluru.

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JetBrains offers automated and intuitive IDEs and other tools that allow programmers to focus less on the mundane and repetitive aspects of software development and more on the creative and fulfilling parts. This helps developers create new, incredible, and wondrous technologies of the future. The event will focus on best practices when using IntelliJ IDEA and about Kotlin development.

Helping you become a productive developer

The event has been organised to provide attendees with a lot of value and takeaways. They will witness insightful talks and sessions from expert software engineers, authors, international speakers, and coaches, among others who will be happy to answer any question.


Experts include Hadi Hariri, VP - Developer Advocacy, JetBrains; Mala Gupta, Developer Advocate, JetBrains; Mikhail Vink, Global Marketing Programs Manager, JetBrains; Gurpreet Sachdeva, Assistant Vice President—Technology, Altran; Pulkit Pushkarna, Senior Software Engineer, To The New; Vaibhav Choudhary, Principal Member - Technical Staff, Java Platforms Team, Oracle; and Ragunath Jawahar, Lead Product Engineer, Obvious.


Here are some of the topics that will be covered during the event:


●      How to overcome artificial barriers imposed on your development work

●      Project Amber to transform your everyday coding experience

●      How Kotlin leverages underlying runtime performance

●      Hidden tips and tricks in IntelliJ IDEA

●      Using TCR to build a mobile app in Kotlin using IntelliJ IDEA

●      Create multi-platform projects with Kotlin

●      Application migration to Java 9, 10, and 11


That's not all. There will be a special demo-driven session to learn how you can develop a Spring Application using Kotlin, as well as an exciting quiz competition to look forward to!

Participate and use #Kotlin anywhere


Whether you’re a back-end, front-end, mobile or an embedded developer, you can leverage Kotlin anytime, anywhere and make development a fun experience!


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JetBrains Day in Delhi

JetBrains Day in Hyderabad

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