See a higher purpose in your work, but also be your own first critic: artist insights on the creative journey

The creative journey has no clear end point, and calls for analytical skills, hard work, sincerity and audience connect. It also entails self-reflection and even self-criticism, as these artists explain.

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In Part II of our photo essay on recent exhibitions at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat in Bengaluru, we feature more of the bonsai paintings of Satish Pujari. We also include works and insights of some of the other artists: Sanjay Chapolkar, Nilanjan Guha, Vidhu Pillai, Ravindra Mahale, Nagabhushan, Satish Biradar, Vittal Kulkarni, H. Sheshechala, and Ram Mohan (see Part I here).

Art is a creative response of the artist’s understanding, liking or feeling towards the external world, water-colourist Nilanjan Guha explains, in a chat with YourStory. He has a diverse background in chemistry and marketing, in addition to art. Originally from Kolkata, he moved to Bengaluru five years ago.

Getting audiences to view, acknowledge and appreciate art is an important part of success for an artist, in addition to sales, Nilanjan says. His impressionist style features landscapes, ocean scapes and cityscapes, and convey stories in locations from Bengaluru to Bangkok.

“As a self-taught artist, I experienced the journey with all its hardship and enjoyment. The most important part is to love and enjoy your work. Give importance to your analytical skill, but also be your own first critic. Always try to sharpen your creative approach, because there is no end of the road,” Nilanjan advises aspiring artists.

“Art is a visual language, a powerful language which gives messages to society through colours, beauty, expression and experiences. It is a unique composition and can even attract a child,” adds Ram Ramamurthy. For him, success comes from being sincere, serious, systematic and secure, along with service to the supreme.

“Success for an artist is a pure form of divinity,” Ram explains. His work also spans 3D modelling and animation; he is part of the training faculty at Arena Animation in Bengaluru.

“Viewers and audiences are God to us artists. To the audience, we are thankful; without them, there is no existence for artists,” he gratefully signs off.

Now, what have you done today to pause in your busy schedule and reflect on how well you have harnessed your inner creativity?

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