[Jobs Roundup] Take a stab at India’s healthcare problems with these healthtech startup openings

As Indian startups in the healthtech sector continue to grow, they are making healthcare more affordable and accessible, solving the gaps in the system.

Winston Churchill once said that healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.

A healthy population can make positive contributions to the economy, and India’s fast-growing middle-class population is demanding more affordable and accessible healthcare. Access is one major problem.

This is reflected in National Health Profile data of 2018, which shows there is one allopathic government doctor available for 11,082 people in India, while the recommended ratio is one for a thousand people.

While India is witnessing a thriving startup community and it is stepping in to fill the gap, innovations in the healthcare sector and attention given to them are comparatively less. But there are some that are setting the trend in preventive healthcare, analytics, pathology, or encouraging a balanced lifestyle.

With more developments to come, the healthtech segment is at a promising stage and holds great potential to solve India’s crucial healthcare problems. YourStory has curated a list of jobs that are up for grabs.


Design and Process Excellence

Experience needed: 4-5 years

The candidate will have to envision and innovate operations design changes to continuously stretch the boundaries of process excellence and strategies, manage and drive new initiatives under Eat.fit brand with design thinking application. The candidate will also have to develop and maintain knowledge of the business environment and process excellence concepts, methodologies, and tools. The candidate will also have to identify, research and explore new innovative models, AI, and tech automation to drive a futuristic vision for Eat.fit business.

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Experience needed: 4 years post MBA

The candidate will be responsible for driving overall Carefit revenue and growth across B2C and B2B channels. They will have to work closely with central growth, business, and operations teams to formulate growth strategy and drive new strategies. The candidate should also be able to work with various cross-functional stakeholders and steer the group towards common objectives.

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Forus health

Software Engineer

Experience needed: not specified

The candidate should have a basic understanding of database concepts and be able to write simple stored procedures. The candidate should have good programming skills in Java, and any other computer languages like C++, Python, Go, PHP will be an added benefit. The candidate should also have abstraction and design skills and exposure to GIT or another development environment.

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Senior Analyst- Strategy, Planning and Analytics

Experience needed: 2 years

The candidate will be working as a data, analysis, and thought partner for a team. The role requires someone who is good with data analysis, programme management, and stakeholder management, and can work well in an environment with a significant amount of cross-team interaction. The candidate must have knowledge of SQL and Python for efficient DB queries and preparing dashboards.

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HR Executive

Experience needed: not specified

This is a contract-based job and the crux of this role is to be a bridge between hiring, onboarding, and induction. The candidate should be high on data confidentiality, and should engage and motivate candidates before and after joining.

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Product Manager

Experience needed: 5 years

The candidate will have to lead product and delivery software systems for customers and operations teams to solve issues across mobile, web, and in-person engagement platforms. The role will also require to work closely with the business owners to build an efficient and scalable business platform and also and engage interaction designers, systems designers, and UX researchers.

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Field Support Executive

Experience needed: 1 year

As a Field Support Executive, your responsibilities will include providing service and customer support during field visits. The candidate will have to cooperate with the technical team and share information across the organisation, and build positive relationships with customers. The candidate will also have to comprehend customer requirements and make appropriate recommendations and briefings.

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