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Chances are you won't know Stevland Hardaway Morris. But we bet you'll know him if we reveal his stage name: Stevie Wonder. The American singer, songwriter, and musician was a child prodigy who went on to be one of the most successful musical performers of the late 20th century.

On Stevie Wonder's birthday, we take a look at the lessons we can learn from the man who made us fall in love. Blind since shortly after birth, the musician stated: “We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” So true, isn’t it – ability is the game-changer. But he also said: “Ability may get you to the top. But it takes character to keep you there.”

Inspired much to begin Monday? Browse our bouquet of startup stories for more motivation before you kickstart your day.

Gurugram-based edtech startup says, 'pay after placement'

Higher education is a risky investment. And it’s a gamble whether you will land your dream job after all the money and efforts. Well, fret no more. Sunstone Eduversity is helping allay such common fears of MBA and PGDM aspirants with a unique proposition: 'Pay after Placement.' So far, the startup has placed 240 students with a 100-percent track record.

This startup wants to become the ‘Jio’ of satellite communication

From now to 2027, we will launch over 7,000 small satellites, and Bengaluru-based Astrogate is working to make it easier for these satellites to send more data to earth stations at a faster speed. With its technology, the startup hopes to change the scope of space communication just like Jio changed internet access in India.

Second Nature promotes healthy living with cold-extracted juice, nut milk

Nashik-based Second Nature, founded by Dipti Motiani in 2018, sells in select retail outlets and online groceries. The startup is now focussing on building a logistics network to supply fresh juice across India. It is keen to tap the fact that customers globally are getting increasingly conscious of what they consume.

Qwikcilver is building a successful technology business in a nascent market

If you’ve ever used a gift card, there’s a 9 out of 10 chance that Qwikcilver is the company that made it possible. Spotting a disruptive business opportunity at the right time is often a challenge for entrepreneurs and investors alike. And then, being a category creator has its own set of challenges. But when the right set of people together work towards a common goal, a market leader evolves.

IIT alumni's startup has built a ‘Google Map for scientists’ to help in drug discovery

Elucidata, founded by Swetabh Pathak and Abhishek Jha, is riding the wave of data-led drug discovery. Based in Massachusetts, it uses data analytics and machine learning to ease bottlenecks and helps researchers take real-time decisions. Last year, the startup raised $1.7 million in seed funding.

Delhi-based Shiprocket wants to provide Amazon-like services for Indian SMBs

Claiming to generate Rs 100 Cr in monthly GMV, Shiprocket wants to empower SMBs across the country in direct-to-consumer ecommerce with tech and services. The biggest challenge smaller sellers have is a proper logistic partner due to a small number of daily orders. The startup also helps these sellers take their business international with DHL and Aramex, while TCI Express caters to bulk orders.

Milktech startup MoooFarm will work with Microsoft to help Indian dairy farmers

Based in Gurugram, MoooFarm will be working with Microsoft to help dairy farmers across the country solve the issue of 'mastitis', a problem that leads to an annual loss of $500 million. The company is developing a machine learning (ML) platform for this, and has received a $15,000 grant from the tech giant.

Ditching a salary in pounds, this entrepreneur started up in India to offer small-ticket loans

Fintech startup Nira, based in Bengaluru, provides loans to people from lower income groups who normally do not get bank loans easily. In December 2018, the startup was disbursing 100 loans a week with a typical loan size between Rs 20,000 and Rs 25,000, with a maximum limit of Rs 1 lakh.

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