Veeam Software crosses $1B mark, charts roadmap for stronger partnerships and ‘the next big opportunity’

In ‘Act 2’, Veeam Software readies to tap its partner-centric strategy and ability to adapt to market as it zeroes in on data management and data protection in the hybrid cloud as the next big opportunity.

When Ratmir Timashev, Co-founder of global backup solutions firm Veeam Software, took to the stage at the company’s annual cloud data management conference VeeamOn’19, it marked the culmination of what he called ‘Act 1’ of the company’s decade-long journey. It was also to announce the fulfilment of a prediction he had made six years ago that Veeam would exceed $1 billion in annual bookings by 2019.

Addressing the 2,000-member audience, Timashev, who is also Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said the company was now entering ‘Act 2’, which was all about the hybrid cloud and protecting and managing data in these environments.

Ratmir Timashev, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Veeam, delivers the keynote address at VeeamOn'19 in Miami.

While Veeam has been synonymous with backup, recovery, and replication solutions for more than a decade with an initial focus on server virtualisation for VMware environments, it has more recently expanded its offering, delivering integration with multiple hypervisors, physical servers and endpoints, along with public and SaaS-based workloads, while partnering with leading cloud, storage, server, HCI, and application vendors to provide the most robust Cloud Data Management platform on the market.

“Veeam created the VMware backup market and has dominated it for the last decade. This was Veeam’s Act 1. However, the market is now changing. To succeed in this changing environment, we have had to adapt. Veeam, with its 60,000+ channel and service provider partners and the broadest ecosystem of technology partners, including Cisco, HPE, NetApp, Nutanix and Pure Storage, is best positioned to dominate the new Cloud Data Management in our Act 2. Our vision and strategy for the hybrid cloud will see us deliver the kind of success others can only dream of,” Timashev said.

Partnering for a hybrid future

Expanding on Veeam’s vision for the hybrid cloud, Timashev called it the next stage of their evolution and said that there were significant opportunities for the company and its partners. 

“While backup is still critical, customers are now building hybrid clouds with AWS, Azure, IBM and Google, and they all need more than just backup. To succeed in this changing environment, data management and data protection in the hybrid cloud is the next big opportunity for Veeam,” he said.

He added that Veeam’s strategy has always been to be open and agnostic by working with a broad ecosystem of partners to better serve mutual customers’ needs. Its partner-centric strategy and ability to adapt to the market has been the cornerstone of its success, and is the foundation for Act 2.

In January 2019, Veeam launched Veeam Availability Suite™ 9.5 Update 4, which delivered easy cloud migration and cloud mobility, cloud-native backup, cost-effective data retention, and portable cloud-ready licensing, increased security and data governance, and solutions to make it easier than ever for service providers to deliver Veeam-powered services to market. The new with VeeamTM programme, also launched at the conference, sees the company partnering with premier enterprise storage and hyperconverged (HCI) vendors such as ExaGrid and Nutanix to provide comprehensive secondary storage solutions that combine Veeam software with industry-leading storage and HCI infrastructure hardware and management stacks.

A new age of disaster recovery

Veeam also announced the general availability of the new Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2., which expands its powerful orchestration and automation capabilities to a broader set of applications and VMs, and address multiple operational and disaster recovery (DR) and data migration scenarios. It brings comprehensive DR, operational recovery, and platform migrations to organisations using Veeam’s backup and replication capabilities.

 “Our new version of Veeam Availability Orchestrator eliminates the challenges of manual processes by introducing reliable orchestrated recovery of production VMs, whether they’re protected by backups or replicas,” said Danny Allan, Vice President of Product Strategy at Veeam.

“This also includes the ability to quickly and efficiently leverage protection data to prove recoverability and compliance, whether standards are imposed internally or by governing regulations like HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and more.”

Veeam Availability Orchestrator v2. enables organisations of all sizes to achieve comprehensive and compliant DR for all their applications and data, regardless of how they are protected.  “From day one, we have focused on partnerships to deliver customer value. Working with our storage and cloud partners, we are delivering choice, flexibility, and value to customers of all sizes,” Timashev said.

 It is this ability to change and adapt, innovate, analyse, and understand the needs of the industry and customers that has catapulted Veeam to lead the Cloud Data Management market, which is likely to be worth more than $15 billion by 2020.



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