Best of Weekender – Catch the World Cup fever, enjoy some mango risotto, and go kayaking in the Antarctic

This weekend, let’s roll the dice and play our favourite board game on Table Top Day, find out about the many flavours of French food and plan a trip to the White Continent

The fickle English weather aside, there is very little that will dampen the spirits of cricket fans who have flocked to England to follow the game they love, and the rest of the world that plans to watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 on every digital device possible.

Virat Kohli

So, what is in store for us this year? Did you know that it may be M S Dhoni’s last World Cup?  Will Virat Kohli stun us with his brilliant captaincy? Who are the Indian commentators this time?

Check out the five things to watch out for in the World Cup matches that are underway now.

Pure and Sure Organic Café and Store

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about farm-to-table food these days, but what about farm-to-fork spices?

Here’s the latest from Phalada Agro Research Foundations, a company that began its entrepreneurship journey by providing agri inputs to organic farmers. Today, they have become India’s largest exporters of organic spices, herbs, and essential oils.

When they realised that they could reach a larger customer base by opening a restaurant and by using their own spices, they launched the all-organic Pure & Sure Café and Store in Bengaluru. Find out what makes this café-store so unique.

Enjoy a board game on International Table Top Day

So, you’ve heard of games like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Scrabble, but did you know that the world of board games has moved on. It’s the age of Table Top games like Pandemic, Mafia, Azul, Settlers of Catan and so many more, where we don’t roll the dice and sit back to let Lady Luck take over.

The board games today require strategy, planning, socialising and guess work. International Table Top Day falls on June 1, and it is the day when Bengaluru’s gaming community will hold special events for board game lovers.

Check out what ReRoll, one of Bengaluru’s largest board games collectives has in store for you this year.

A colony of penguins in Antarctica

If you are planning a holiday this summer before the vacation season comes to an end, why not head to Antarctica?

From kayaking against the grandeur of icebergs in the background to enjoying the beauty of the Antarctic night sky to paddling alongside a colony of penguins, there are so many special things to do on the ‘White Continent’.

Why not make the continent of Antarctica your holiday destination this year and enjoy some amazing adventures too?

Poulet Fume au Crepe de Mascarpone (smoked chicken in a mascarpone cheese crepe)

What do you think about when you think of French food? Do you picture a beautiful croissant next to a cup of café au lait? Or do you think of crêpes, soufflés, vol-au-vents and petit fours?

A French food festival was held at Mumbai’s iconic European joint, Out Of The Blue, to celebrate the Eiffel Tower’s 130th anniversary, and there was a specially curated menu of artisanal French dishes on offer.

From Calamars Farci a la Provencale, Poulet Fume au Crepe de Mascarpone to Tarte au Chocolat, it was a feast to remember. Find out why the food was so special in our review of this French food festival.

Adnan Nalwala

Do you love MS Dhoni? Do you enjoy reading books by Malcolm Gladwell? Would you say your idea of perfect happiness is a stimulating conversation with your friends? Meet Adnan Nalwala, who feels the same way.

As an entrepreneur by day and a comedian by night, Adnan launched his standup comedy routine a decade ago and is also the co- creator of the game ‘Spill it’, an interactive card game. Read all about his loves, regrets, greatest heroes and more.

And Adnan's motto, ‘Work hard while you are alive so that people know you matter’ is perhaps the best way to stand out and make a difference, in this journey called life.


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